Here is a short VIDEO I took of BHRR's Rose in recovery after her emergency surgery on July 10th, 2012

Below are a slew of photos I took and both her and BHRR's Petal did not have the easiest of recoveries and it took almost a good 14 days before I felt like their incisions had healed enough for me to remove their sutures.

They have very very very very slowly been putting the weight back on. Being not the best eaters to begin with, has made it that much more challenging. 🙁 Yet, we have been getting there and thank goodness, I waited to spay for them to put on some much needed weight for they lost all that weight and a bit more. This is why I do not spay immediately upon arrival to BHRR if they are thin or emaciated for if they did not have this weight put on post arrival to BHRR; one if not both could have been lost.

BHRR's Rose – July 10th, 2012