I have booked Mazda’s annual including HWT for March 20th. It will be nice to see how much she weighs now and I know that she loves visiting the hospital. JUST pray that in her enthusiasm, that she does not ‘bang’ that happy tail of hers! 😛 Hard to believe that another year has come around and her right matched forever loving home has not yet come. As one wise person said to me recently in an email; it ‘appears’ that she is mostly likely not yet done teaching/showing me things and I do agree that this is very possible and I also believe that her one amazing purpose right now is to be with her best friend KB/JB as he battles Osteosarcoma. We will have to get new pics up of her. I know I have been remiss with the round clock care we are giving KB/JB and with the recent loss of our beloved BHRR’s Klondike. I am hoping that this week, I can catch up on blogs and add pictures. Thanks as always, for the support shown to the animals of BHRR and to us.