I brought Ocean into work with me last Friday for a new weight – she was 40.4 KGS(88.88 pounds) and that confirms that she has not been putting on the weight as I would have like to have seen in the month that she has been with us. She really should have put on another 6 pounds and while that does not seem like much; she is still far thinner than I would like to see at this time. She is eating, drinking, playing and acting very normal. I did a Urine by Cysto and the results were normal. Her urine results were cocci = occ/40x and while there was a wee bit larger than normal amount of cellular ‘debris’ = 4+/40x; there was nothing of note to be alarmed about. I then ran some blood work on Ocean(WHAT a great trooper she was when we went to draw the blood) and other than a slightly high BUN level 9.2 mmmol/L (normal range is 2.14 – 8.93); everything was fine and the Vet was not worried about that. I am going to see what her latest fecal results say plus we might send out some urine for a culture yet the Vet did not really feel that it would be of major benefit. So, I remain at a bit of a loss on her extremely slow weight gain and after doing all proactive testing; I am just going to step back and monitor. As mentioned previously, it could just be her own metabolic rate and not be an major worry wart. She is presenting no signs that anything is wrong and I am going to relax…. 😛 She allowed Sean and I to do her nails without any issues and I have yet to microchip her for she is just so thin still. She is solid muscle of what she does have and was a HUGE hit at the hospital. She travels great in the vehicle but her leash manners continue to be very enthusiastic! LOL The rest of her obedience is just coming together so fast and I no longer crate her, except to feed her as she eats very slowly. She is a great cuddler and at night, she likes to climb on the bed just after I put the lights out and gives me a bit of a body hug and then gets off to lie down on one of the dog beds. In the whole time she has been with us, she has not had one accident in the house either. She is a FANTASTIC dog!!!! Sean keeps calling Ocean ‘his’ yet she really is ‘mine. LOL She was also given her rabies that night and got along with every dog, person and cat she met!