BHRR's Dana's hwt is negative and the results came back on July 6th from her latest biopsy results.

Per the report – 'calcinosis circumscripta – pressure point? No cells to indicate inflmammation or neoplasia.'

So, YAY! 🙂

Her actual weight then was 130.46 pounds and she really should be around 122-125 maximum. She is on a big nutriional/exercise regime. I have sinced learned that she has been opening our latest food bin and that is definitely responsible for some of this extra bulk. UGH! LOL

So, Sean has designed a new food bin and let the games begin on the brilliant 'ALVIN' to be able to figure out how to open that one! SHE loves a good puzzle this one!! 🙂

We continue to be patient waiting on that right forever matched loving home.

Once things settle down more at BHRR; we shall be beginning our playdates, day trips etc. back up with approved BHRR Volunteers with our doggies. 🙂

When we attend B&F in September, I am thinking that BHRR's Dana may be one of the dogs in attendance. Her right home is out there! They just have not found her yet!