We know that BHRR’s Dozer will not be adopted to a home (if they have another dog) that has a dog less than about 40 pounds. This may change yet; as of right now he is very fixated on both my 9.5 pound Sir-Bounce-A-Lots and the 25-30 pound Bunker.

He is completely fine with BHRR’s Rose & BHRR’s Petal and they are around 40 pounds. They are also female yet; he has proven really wonderful with male dogs like my PPSS, Guinness, JS, Drift, CH. Dyceman & Windsor to date.

He is not yet fully integrated with everyone here and the more high energy and social spastic dogs are to come. He just is not fond of ‘in your face’ dogs and he will grump – as is seen when BHRR’s Jetta was too rambunctious in the video. All manageable.

He does exhibit his ‘dog worries’ at dogs like BHRR’s Cobalt as BHRR’s Cobalt is wanting to be a gooberhead as a young adolescent male and BHRR’s Dozer is a young adult male, still maturing both of them. Brick, BHRR’s Rambo are also in the same categories and then you have Bleach who being blind/deaf is right in your face trying to understand and ‘read’ other dogs. It can be unsettling toany a solid dog; let alone to one in rehab.

He has been making amazing strides in the short time he is here and at this moment; we are aiming to bring him and also BHRR’s Cosette to Pet Valu – new one in Kemptville – this Saturday August 4th from 10 am – 3 pm for a bit. If he does well, he can stay the whole day yet: it is very soon time to bring him out and this Pet Valu is set-up well to bring him plus we are close to home if need be to bring him back and it is not as busy as those in the City.

If I get a different vibe from him by the end of this week, I will cancel him coming.

We have lots of time together with his journey and his potential remains fabu!!!