I wish to post a couple of very deeply impacting words posted for BHRR's Hamilton The Newf. I shall post his memorial post thread shortly. This was one loved boy…..from near and far. AND from many that never even had the incredible opportunity to meet him.  I have not yet been able to read all the posts, way too emotionally difficult yet; I know I will..in time and THANK you to all that have posted in support and heart and sent texts, emails and calls.

We are very blessed…………..very blessed…..


Here is BHRR's Hamilton one HONOUR THREAD


Dee Dick He far outlived the time he was given on Earth…and he will live forever in our hearts as a shining example of what hard work, caring, perseverance and love can accomplish in the life of a dog who was not given long to live. Thank you Gwenie – he reminds us all of the hope you pour into this world though the hearts of the furries you help everyday…:)


Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) Gwennie, I am as stunned as your home and so many others. Omg! However, please draw comfort from the miracle he became at BHRR under your expert care. He was only expected to live, 18 months? He almost made it to 5! With your focus on the special needs and having your Haven Program, so many animals have been given so much love and quality of life for as long as possible. I know your hearts bleed and mourn and hugs. Catalina


Nancy Barr Gwenn, You endure so much and with such a big heart,grace and dignity. These dogs are so lucky to have found there way into your home and heart. The care , the kindness and the love you bestowe upon these dogs they will never forget. Hamilton was way to young to cross over the rainbow bridge..Hugs from me to you and your family.


Bruce J. Moquin I was driving home when I heard this terrible news, and to be honest it floored me.

They say dogs don't have usual thumbs, I would like to stress how impossible that can be. There are special dogs out there such as Hamilton the Newf, who are able to grab on to your heart and never let go. Hamilton the Newf was not in our home very long (we had a very, very special date in May), however he was in our hearts for much, much longer.

Our heart goes out to you Gwen, Sean, Mason and Kinsley and the BHRR Family … Hamilton the Newf was truly blessed to be considered a BHRR Haven Dog.

RIP BHRR's Hamilton the Newf, you truly will be missed.



Gracie Honalulu Gwen… You and your family are truly in our thoughts. What a sad day. I know it has been said…but the fact they get to spend any part of their lives in your care was not lost on them. They know what you do for them. They know how loved and special they are from the look on your face when they see you every day and the love you have for them just radiates from you. We can all feel it coming through our screens from just reading what you write about them and how they make you feel and how proud of them you are. Try and sleep well, the others still need you and sadly there will be more coming in need.


Sherry Barr I am shocked Gwen, so very very sorry for your sudden loss. He was much loved and you gave him the life of a king. May he watch over your flock and run and play with his buddies over the rainbow bridge. hugs and kisses to all