Lil Linus’s head is slowly healing from the inside out. He will have a ‘war wound’ scar there once all is healed up but he is plugging along wonderfully. I have him on antibiotics still and he will be for the next long while(minimally 3 weeks). It is granulating beautifully. I was looking at him yesterday and said to Sean that MAN! He has really been growing(up and out) this past while. I think he must be close to 150 pounds now. This spurt he is on has just matured him so much yet then you see him move and you KNOW that he is very much all puppy still! AND the way that he looks at you; he will always be my ‘class clown’. He is just so happy, mellow and I cannot kiss that mug enough each day!!!! He now will come on my bed without too much encouragement and will even sleep there for part of the night sometimes. IT has taken this long for him to hand over that sleeping trust to us. HUGE HUGE HUGE progress made here. In the past week, he has also decided that *I* am the right ‘flavour’ for him and I get the best ‘almost kisses’ possible. He is very stingy, just like Bronson is with the kisses and he is getting closer and closer to giving me a true kiss. Linus is another one that my heart is going to feel quite raw when he is adopted yet it is time for him to become ‘king’ of his own home and we hope that his right matched home will come along. If not, he is most welcome to continue to call us his own and he teaches me every day to ‘slow down’, to try and ‘relax’ more and to ‘not mind the little things’. HE is going to make an incredible therapy dog. Lil Linus stayed out the whole time when we had guests here on Saturday(usually he comes in and out of the bedroom) and he was AWESOME! Not one moment of counter surfing etc. He makes my heart swell with such pride over how he conducted himself!!!!! Our ‘Lil Linus’ is growing up…sniff! sniff!!!! One thing that has not changed his his wee hours of the AM rumbles through the house and right now; his new partner if Ocean…a very willing partner too! LOL