Dropped off BHRR’s Kyo to his temp foster home on Monday night.

According to his temp fostermom he is settling in like the bomb proof dog we have said he was! 🙂

They have called him ‘kuddly’, ‘kalm’, ‘kurious’ etc.!

On Tuesday, I was notified that their other two dogs were playing with him and as BHRR’s Kyo does love his outside zooming; he was leading a grand merry chase.

Unfortunately, the excitement built and before the home could step in; their other two lovely dogs; had caused some booboos to his hind end. BHRR’s Kyo had no negative reaction and revealed how solid plus balanced he is.

The home was very proactive, took him to the Vet, contacted myself and he is now on some antibiotics. The marks/punctures appears to be granulating very well and he was completely unfazed by it all. A true testament to his temperament and foundation built. 🙂

The temp foster home and I have conversed about the importance of having emergency stops and emergency recalls training; control words, that we are glad that everyone is ok and that accidents happen and BHRR thinks he is in the best hands. 🙂

I look forward to receiving updates and photos of his amazing adventures!

May his forever loving adoptive home find him soon! 🙂

BHRR cannot thank our temp foster homes enough for without them; BHRR would not be able to save the animals we have.