BHRR’s Kyo was dropped at his temp foster home tonight.

He stepped out of the car with his usual casual ‘I am here….let’s do this grand thing’ approach and went without too much hesitation with his temp foster family.

What a great dog and thanks to this home; BHRR is able to assist the Harlequin Great Dane we are naming – BHRR’s Cosette.

I have photos to post of his amazing time at our July 8th Fundraiser and, of course; as always these days; many other blogs and photos to post in updates.

Been the worse summer yet; for r/q Rescue out there and we have committed to the helping of three dogs recently that another place said they would and then never showed up and these animals were in high kill shelters/pounds. 🙁

We beg people to please do their research when it comes to not only looking to purchase from a r/q Breeder yet; when it comes to supporting and adopting from a Rescue.

Cannot stress enough that as not all Breeders are equal and of high stellar quality; neither are places that say they rescue.