BHRR's Jetta temp foster home drop-off was rescheduled to yesterday and I dropped her off for 11 AM; yet; as of last night; we made the decision to bring her back to BHRR. I am picking her up this AM after re-arranging my day as the home said they would have BHRR's Jetta ready to leave anytime after 8 AM yet; wanted us there soon. I had even offered to pick her up last night.

She is a very versatile and balanced GD whose training has just bombed along. She rocked our July 8th 5th Annual KAH/BHRR Microchip Fundraiser and soaked up all the love possible from both people and dogs. She had a GREAT DAY! She has come to work with me, walks/hikes, this Fundraiser, to friends places and she is my 'social spazz' and in learning that she was now being labelled as lacking in 'self confidence' in this temp foster home; we made the decision to pull.

We placed what we believed to be the best matched right fit for this home and she has never lacked self confidence from the first moment that I met the transport to pick her up. She has been sweet, loving, kind and an angel. She has gone all over the place, met so many people and when I left this home, one hour later; she was settled in as the BHRR's Jetta, everyone who has met her knows. This deeply concerned us and we want her to continue to thrive. BHRR knows these dogs best and we work hard to set each dog up for maximum success and all our homes adoptive and/or temp foster receive very detailed information packages, access to their blogs, the drop-off includes a summary of all sent/discussed to ensure a great integration occuring into the new environment plus BHRR is here as a 24/7 resource etc.

We need to have her continue along this great path of social plus training development that has been created at BHRR. She is such an amazing versatile dog and is going to make that right adoptive home a FABU addition! I do not want the failure of this not working out to reflect negatively on anything that BHRR's Jetta may or may not have done during her very brief time at this place. THAT could not be further from the truth.

If any of the folks that have met her during her time at BHRR; would like to email along a testimonial to post re: BHRR's Jetta; I would be more than thrilled to post it.

The one thing that was noted at our Sunday Fundraiser; was that her one hip was beginning to trouble her as the day wore on. We knew that she did not have the best hips after seeing her when she first arrived to BHRR; yet; she was taking her time getting up and laying down throughout the day.

We continue to have her on glucosamine etc. and are ensuring that she obtains the best nutrition, vet care and proper exercise to give her the best muscle mass and strength build-up she can have.

BHRR does not advocate running with Great Danes; yet; in her case; we really want to ensure that while quality is the focus for life for her and for her to enjoy it; that; her future forever adoptive home is aware that she may well have to go on cartrophen injections at some point in her future. As she is still very much a puppy(just turned 1 in May); we need to regulate her exercise and we want her to have the most enjoyment possible; yet; we also want her to be here 7 years from now.

She spends many hours playing and romping here and is doing great and we are not sure if it was the pavement, the standing and walking around for the day; but; it was noted that her one hip was bothering her getting up and down. So, she relaxed and had a snooze or two under the shade of the trees and the many admirers plus fans came to her for loving! 🙂

Her new coat continues to come in soft, shiny black and healthy!

BHRR's Jetta & BHRR's Freeze & BHRR's Jetta, BHRR's Freeze & Dee's wonderdog Fergus – July 8th, 2012
*Photos courtesy of M. Lepine