UPDATE: Wednesday July 11th, 2012:

BHRR's Petal had a good night, went out for another small pee this AM, not interested in any food(not even a bit of wet); yet; drank a bit of water and is alert with normal temp etc.
BHRR's Rose made it through the night!!! This AM she struggled to her feet for a bit of a wobbly bobbly walk, no pee, drank a bit of water, not interested in any small amounts of food,
changed her bag of fluids and am off shortly to go back to KAH for a repeat PCV. Temp was a bit low and we still have her all snuggled in her bear hugger.

Keep those vibes of goodness coming for her PCV last night – 20 – per Dr. Cote was borderline for a blood transfusion.

Thanks Sean for helping me with the girls throughout the night!! I have a great husband!!!

UPDATE: Wednesday July 11th, 2012 – 12:54 PM:

PCV is 26!!!!
She pooped and as she has not yet peed or showed interest on food; keeping her on fluids until tomorrow.
Everyone is so happy!!
Now, we need 'go pee' & 'go eat' good thoughts!!

UPDATE: Wednesday July 11th – 2:30 PM:
When I arrived back home; she had a really nice long pee, BHRR's Petal a small one yet; both a refusing to eat.
Not the best eaters to begin with, they are provIng to be very
challenging in tasking me with all that I have learned over the past 24 years! 🙂

In my whole life, I have only had two dogs do this poorly in a spay; my RIP beloved Maggie May and BHRR's Rose. BHRR's Petal is up there though, in the 'rough' category.

AND may, I not have any others any time soon. I aged 25 years and was up from Tuesday at 5 AM to Thursday at 2 AM.

AND BHRR's Petal(remembered after I posted) put on .2 of a kg.