BHRR’s Shiva is doing awesome!!!! She is maturing into a beautiful well mannered Great Dane and is now completely crate free in our home. I was feeding her in her crate as she is not the fastest of eaters but she has adjusted really well out of the crate and eats right next to BHRR’s Abbi now. She has passed on her crate to BHRR’s Ocean! I have some new pictures that I need to add of her to really show how gorgeous she truly is. While Dana is a black, black Great Dane; Shiva has almost a really dark blue hue to her shiny black coat in just the right light. She is very social, kind, loving and gentle. She was the first Great Dane that completely ‘won’ BHRR’s Ocean over upon Ocean’s arrival to our program on Thursday and she has really managed to bring Ocean to the point of attempting to play(you can tell that Ocean has some communication problems with understanding this behavour yet being a playful, young and though weak; she still had some bursts of energy she picked it up fast!). Shiva was ‘quick’ to quietly yet effectively establish her role in the house and after that; she was Ocean’s best friend! LOL Shiva can tell that Ocean is made of ‘strong’ stuff; all those that I call ‘survivors’ are like that and she stepped right up to welcome her while at the same time saying ‘behave.’ GOOD GIRL SHIVA! She is such a great ‘leader’ female Great Dane.