Lil Linus has been a ‘BAAAADDDDD’ monkey…sigh! On Saturday, his incision looked awesome yet at around 10:00 PM on Sunday night; I am lying on my bed and Lil Linus walks into the bedroom; quite pleased with himself and I take one look at his head(he is in an E-collar to try and keep him from rubbing etc…) and he has the drain pulled out of his head and hanging there by the two stitches the Vet put in to keep it there…..So, I was not overly concerned as the Vet said I could take it out Sunday night or on Monday and so, with Sean’s help; we took the two stitches out to remove the drain that was now completely on the outside of his head. I checked the stitches and all was good…PHEWWWW! E-Collar went back on, Lil Linus was given a treat and life moved forward. At around noon on Monday; I am getting ready to take a shower etc., to head into work at the hospital and in comes Lil Linus looking most thrilled with himself and I had that ‘sinking’ feeling(he is a smart one and has figured out how to rub his collar on things to scratch his head…..) and sure enough; Lil Linus had pulled out two of his stitches…UGH! I cleaned it up, assessed that we ‘still’ could be ok on the healing part, put him in his crate and headed off to work(I debated about bringing him with me so that he would not be at home alone until Sean came home shortly thereafter; yet I know that he would have been stressed and there would have been no one to monitor him closely/constantly at the hospital….) and knew that Sean would be home within the hour+.  Sean gets home and things are great! PHEEEEWWWW again! The next thing I know; Reception tells me I have a call and that it is Sean. I was not thinking ‘Lil Linus woes’ at the time until he says, “I was helping the kids with their homework and Linus comes up to me and he looks like he is so happy with himself….’ and I almost felt my knees crumple and I was not sure whether to cry for Lil Linus, cheeky monkey; had now pulled out another one of his stitches and after asking Sean how bad it looked etc., said ‘ok, I am putting Linus into the schedule for tomorrow AM to have the surgeon take a look at it, just so I have a spot in case we have to re-suture’ So, Sean cleaned up Linus’s head, ensured that the E-collar was in place and tethered Linus to him to keep even a closer eye on the little goober!  😛 Fast forward to when I come home. Dogs are excited and Lil Linus comes up to me and rubs his head on me in the E-collar right on the spot he wanted the most as I am grabbing his head and if this boy could grin, I would have to say he was doing it from ear to ear. 😈 He had managed to do what we have tried to prevent him from doing since we stitched him up. He managed to take all of his stitches out. I could only shake my head and sit down and sigh. I cleaned up his head, smelled it and it is still on that ‘verge’ of going ‘either’ way and the area where the drain came out is nicely granulated yet I am concerned about the other area. I will see what the morning brings yet I have a feeling we might very well be heading out to the hospital for a new surgery and stitches for him. He has had this mission ever since we got him home(he was a wee bit of a monkey when he was neutered BUT not like this!) and he just seems so very pleased with himself over his accomplishment. Have I ever mentioned how much I love this boy 😉 ……..I am praying for granulation and healthy pink edges tomorrow AM but if he needs to go back in and has to have more debriding/stitches and another $1,000 Vet Bill, we will do what we have to for him. My concern that I was talking to the Vet about is even if we do re-stitch it(he has not even been 3 complete days since we had did the original sutures); is trying to ensure that they are in long enough to heal as best as we can. He has been under almost a 24/7 watch as it was and tethered, wearing an e-collar, sleeping in my bed etc.  🙄 We are going to have to be just that much more resourceful moving forward in keeping him from being a ‘BAAAADDDDD’ monkey!!!