Mazda is settling in well. I just put in another couple of hundred dollars into her tail tip last week and it is healing wonderfully. Sean and I have had several very long discussions about what is in the best interest of Mazda after this second ‘bounce’ and at this time remain strong on the feeling that she does not need us and that right home for her has to be out there. We have a very full home of love and our haven is also full at this time and we do not wish to compromise any quality for Mazda or them in the long term should we make the decision to keep her because of two failed adoptions. That does not seem in the best interest of Mazda whom is back here through no fault of her own and we should not be keeping her, because I am worried of making yet another error in placing her. Thanks again to all those who have showed her and us support in this matter and please be assured that Mazda is not desperate for any home and that we will remain committed to our adoption mandates and review applications as before. After several very long conversations with my BOD; we are still quite confident in our procedures and do believe that due diligence was shown in each of her failed adoption situations. Mazda is enjoying playing with Cherokee and KB/JB the most at this time and has been fully re-integrated with the masses here! She is as always, very much Sean’s girl! 🙂 We will have to take more pictures of her to post and hope to do that soon.