BHRR’s Calla is ADOPTED! 

This is our 410th Adoption since our inception in 1996! Small, focused on quality over quantity and helping the next in need of us, one dog at a time! 

What a truly wonderful home this is and BHRR’s Calla also has a big sister with Winnie, the lab! Two playful peas in a pod! 

Thank you to Sandra for helping out at this Home-Visit and on such short notice!

Thank you to Jane for asking us to assist this stunning BBBBB!

My family is going to miss her yet we are so so so happy for her and she gets to have two lovely kids – 8 & 10 – also to call Family!! 

As I get ready to make the drive home, I am wishing all of our friends, family and & supporters a good night! It has been an incredibly busy weekend and I am back up and at ‘er again tomorrow with zee birds! 



BHRR’s Calla’s Home-Visit for a possible approved adoption is scheduled for Sunday May 27th. We will update as we can!

BHRR’s Calla is moving under a PENDING ADOPTION!

We shall update as we can!

BHRR’s Calla – ~8.5 months of age
May 3rd, 2018


She is ready to make her own special announcement! 

This girl is all lean solid muscle and full of Kanga-Dane love! She is smart, beautiful, playful – loves toys like I have not seen a Dane love to this level in some time! – and is so affectionate. 

She is extremely patient, tolerant – she puts up with The Bakers Dozen pack mentality activities with grace and acceptance! 

We will consider a home that works ft, pt, works from home, is semi-retired or is retired as she is another BHRR versatile dog! 

We wish to see her in a quietly social home. A home that will not closet her away from the world yet a home that does visit friends and family and has small numbers of friends and family over here and there. We do not want her overwhelmed yet we want her part of the world, living to her absolute fullest.

She is house broken and crate trained and her SA is virtually no longer present due to her being set up for success. Any right matched personality fit forever loving home will need to be cognisant on making sure she is not consciously or unconsciously enabled. We have worked so hard to help make her realise that she is not going to be left alone for unreasonable periods of time, we have taught her that she can enjoy life being a cherished dog, we have shown her that she is important and would be ‘listened’ to and she has thrived!

She has learned that all of her needs will be more than met, that she is given attention when appropriate displays of behaviour are exhibited and that is is more than ok to ask to love! 

This girl is magnificent! Easy to wash, clean ears and do nails. Where once she was so anxious in a car, she now readily gets in and settles down so well. We give her a calming word and touch here and there if/when needed to reassure her that she is fine, then she is passively ignored and she is quite content to lay down or look out the windows. She just needs to know that someone is aware of her and that her worries matter. 

She loves to please and she is easy to please too! 

I am so proud of her!!! 

She can go to a home without children or we will consider homes that have children – no more than 2 – and will consider children as young as age 5. 

While we would love to see her in a home with one other right matched dog, as long as she has a strong social doggie network in place – that is what is most important. She needs to have her doggie friends and be able to play and interact to help her continue to be the best dog she can be. As we have friends, she needs her friends too!

She is good with dogs and cats and she is 100% adorable! 

Love this girl! Sean and I have said it before, if we were ever looking for a solid, well balanced and rounded amazing dog, she would be it! She is simply amazing! AND in the right hands, she will only keep becoming more awesome! 

I am so excited for you BHRR’s Calla to begin this next chapter of your wonderful life! 

Thank you to Jane Smith for reaching out to us to assist her and to Liz for the gorgeous photo’s as always! 

Our 2018 Annual BHRR Doggie Date Auction is NOW Closed!

I will be in touch with all Winners by end of my day(night) on Sunday. Please bear with me and please be patient! 

In 2018; it looks like we will have 16 Dates and over $1,300 raised to help the BHRR Animals! I shall confirm final total raised once all the monies have come in. 

This is BHRR’s Calla on our way home from her spay today….a wee bit drugged still!

Thank you to Chelsea, Holly, Cailey, Nadine and Dr. Wright for all of the love and care given to her today at KAH! 

She has had a big pee, gotten her Gabapentin and Deramaxx for the evening and is now all tucked in for the night…I will be joining her shortly….

From our home to all of our friends, family & supporters, good night wishes being sent!

Everything went well and here is the BBBBB in recovery. 

This gorgeous BBBBB pup is in for her spay plus Microchip today.

BHRR’s Calla! 

She has put on another 3 kgs and is now just shy of 85 pounds.  Lean, muscled and looking so beautiful. She is putting the weight on nice and even and yay!

She was totally fine with the cat that was there too – a staff members kitty hanging out!

She is Ms. Kanga-Dane and her drop-off went great! While she initially bawked at going into her run, she then trusted me and went in calmly. After a small amount of anxious whining, she stopped and all was then quiet. I am so proud of her!!! Beaming proud! She has done so so so well with her SA and will need a home to help her to keep thriving and not allow the SA Monster to read its ugly head.

Once she recovers from her spay, she will be ready to make her special announcement! 

Another amazing dog that I am going to miss something fierce….she is incredible.

This pic is a sneak peek preview from her recent professional photo shoot. Thanks so much again Liz Bradley!!!

This BBBBB had her professional photo shoot today!

BHRR’s Calla! 

She is such a character! A Kanga-Dane, smart, beautiful, loving and a really happy girl! 

We were done our session in 10 minutes as she was so amazing!! 

She was to be spayed this week yet I would still like to see a few more pounds on this once incredibly sadly skinny, now an 8 month old still growing giant puppy so I rescheduled her spay to next Thursday instead.

From there, once she heals from her spay, she can make her special announcement! 

Sean & I both agree that if we were in the search for a new addition, BHRR’s Calla would be the type of Dane we would loved to have had….she is the total package and her SA is virtually non existent as she has learned so much about confidence, comfort, security and safety. In that right matched fit forever loving home she will continue to thrive! 

I adore you to the stars and back BHRR’s Calla! 

BHRR’s Calla – 7 month old Great Dane

She weighed 77.22 pounds tonight, had an exam – heart/lungs thumbs up, had her boosters and is no longer a body condition of 2.5/9! WTG!

She is doing fantastic with her SA and obedience and within the next month she should be ready to make her own special announcement. 

She is scheduled for her spay/microchip at the beginning of April and then her professional photo shoot is booked for April 11th. 

This girl is a real character! Social, active, affectionate, playful and a puppy that will do well in a home that is either planning to have kids or already have responsible children.


AND BHRR’s Calla (7 months) & I are on our way to her Vet appointment!

I cannot wait to see what she weighs now! 

She is so beautiful inside and out!

She now has a name!

BHRR’s Calla. 

This is a very rare Greek name and it means: ‘beautiful in Greek. Very original and unique, very sweet, kind, individual. Extremely creative, extremely funny and crazy.’ 

This beautiful girl is so exquisite, unique, sweet and rare plus funny in so many incredible ways….. 


The 7 month old black female Great Dane! I have been told she did not even know the name that she had been once called and for sure we are giving her a new name for a new beginning! 

She is thin/quite ribby plus naturally worried/stressed and those ears! What a wee beauty she is.

My pictures are not great with it being dark and snow squall conditions yet she is a beautiful BBBBB!

Per her one Amazing Rescuer Angel, She has proven to be excellent with cats, and young children, older children and teenagers – she had been emerge temp fostered with a home with three kids and also this angel has a 6 & 8 year old herself.

I am so looking forward to getting to know her and helping her become healthy, happy and to overcome her large anxiety issues – she was once owned by a really young couple who split up and the female moved in with her father. She was then mostly left alone in a bedroom as the female got a job.

We are now making our way home and welcome to BHRR you stunning young lady!

Thank you again Jane for recommending BHRR to assist her…. 

For those with responsible children wanting to be approved to adopt from BHRR, this is the amazing puppy to watch throughout her rehab journey…..

Such a petite, refined boned and truly lovely BBBBB!

We now have two photo’s! Thanks Jane!

She is a gorgeous soon to be BBBBB!

UPDATE: ETA to BHRR Friday March 9th!

Coming To BHRR! Working on ETA now….

7 month old female Great Dane

She has anxiety issues and due to the family’s situation was left alone for long hours daily. She was surrendered to an Animal Hospital and we were then contacted to assist.

She is the second dog that we have now been able to step up to assist in 2018 and is the next in need of us….

More information coming soon and as she shares the same name as another BHRR dog, she will need a new name….

I hear she is lovely!