This BBBBB had her professional photo shoot today!

BHRR’s Calla! 

She is such a character! A Kanga-Dane, smart, beautiful, loving and a really happy girl! 

We were done our session in 10 minutes as she was so amazing!! 

She was to be spayed this week yet I would still like to see a few more pounds on this once incredibly sadly skinny, now an 8 month old still growing giant puppy so I rescheduled her spay to next Thursday instead.

From there, once she heals from her spay, she can make her special announcement! 

Sean & I both agree that if we were in the search for a new addition, BHRR’s Calla would be the type of Dane we would loved to have had….she is the total package and her SA is virtually non existent as she has learned so much about confidence, comfort, security and safety. In that right matched fit forever loving home she will continue to thrive! 

I adore you to the stars and back BHRR’s Calla!