BHRR’s Calla is ADOPTED! 

This is our 410th Adoption since our inception in 1996! Small, focused on quality over quantity and helping the next in need of us, one dog at a time! 

What a truly wonderful home this is and BHRR’s Calla also has a big sister with Winnie, the lab! Two playful peas in a pod! 

Thank you to Sandra for helping out at this Home-Visit and on such short notice!

Thank you to Jane for asking us to assist this stunning BBBBB!

My family is going to miss her yet we are so so so happy for her and she gets to have two lovely kids – 8 & 10 – also to call Family!! 

As I get ready to make the drive home, I am wishing all of our friends, family and & supporters a good night! It has been an incredibly busy weekend and I am back up and at ‘er again tomorrow with zee birds!