The 7 month old black female Great Dane! I have been told she did not even know the name that she had been once called and for sure we are giving her a new name for a new beginning! 

She is thin/quite ribby plus naturally worried/stressed and those ears! What a wee beauty she is.

My pictures are not great with it being dark and snow squall conditions yet she is a beautiful BBBBB!

Per her one Amazing Rescuer Angel, She has proven to be excellent with cats, and young children, older children and teenagers – she had been emerge temp fostered with a home with three kids and also this angel has a 6 & 8 year old herself.

I am so looking forward to getting to know her and helping her become healthy, happy and to overcome her large anxiety issues – she was once owned by a really young couple who split up and the female moved in with her father. She was then mostly left alone in a bedroom as the female got a job.

We are now making our way home and welcome to BHRR you stunning young lady!

Thank you again Jane for recommending BHRR to assist her…. 

For those with responsible children wanting to be approved to adopt from BHRR, this is the amazing puppy to watch throughout her rehab journey…..

Such a petite, refined boned and truly lovely BBBBB!