ADOPTED!!!! Lady will be going to her new home the weekend of January 20th and we look forward in receiving her obedience records in the following months.

ADOPTION PENDING!!!! If all goes well Lady will go to her new home in the New Year!

I continue to work on Lady’s store as well as many of the other Rescue’s here and truly hope to accomplish all of this within the next short while. As for Lady; what more can truly be said about such an incredible dog?????!!!! She is now sporting a lovely new red collar donated to our program by Mary and she looks so bootiful! We are completely at a loss that people are just not ‘seeing’ Lady for who she is and Sean keeps saying that it is our gain. This girl is as ‘perfect’ as one is going to see in Rescue and she really does not need us anymore so I remain hopeful as I just have to be for her sake; that an application will come in on her that will be a best matched fit and she could spend XMAS in her new forever loving home.

We are now going to have to decide what our options are with this porcupine as Boba plus Lady were ‘nailed’. Lady barked and tried get away to no avail. We have lived here since 1999 and have only had two porcupine encounters, one of which was with this particular porcupine and our Dragon. Now in the space of a matter of weeks; we have had three more encounters. sigh….Lady is such a great girl. She was very stoic as we pulled out a total of 46 quills and then laid close by as Boba had his turn. What an awesome creature! She thoroughly enjoyed the attention and treats that came along with the ‘making it all better’ part. 🙂

Some new pictures of Lady posted below and I will be adding more picture option special items to her Cafepress store as soon as I can. I am way behind……AND CafePress is currently trying to fix our site as there is a ‘glitch’.

Lady had an encountered with one of the ‘resident’ Porcupines on Friday. Like Dragon, there was no escape for her and she was nailed. To demonstrate what an incredible personality this gal has; she let Sean and I pull out over 70(I stopped counting at 70) quills from her paws, muzzle, inside her mouth, gums, nose and lips. Dragon is the only other Dane that I have had the pleasure of knowing that has been that amazing in getting quills out without sedation. Like Lady, Dragon was in the ‘way’ of the porcupine and we took out 56 quills a couple of years back. THIS is one amazing girl and she has recovered well with some some extra special loving, treats and snuggles! This Dane does not have one mean or aggressive bone in her body and her temperament is beyond sweet.

Lady has a new play buddy, one of my new Dane pups Dyce. AND that is a huge thing, because unlike Soul who would take the world on with three paws behind his back; Dyce is much more introverted. To pick Lady has his new play buddy is ENORMOUS and it speaks volumes about her incredible personality.

It is most unfortunate that none of the applications received after our Pet Expo for Lady were a best match. I was very hopeful that after people had the opportunity to meet such a magnificent creature that her forever loving home would be found. I will have to take new pictures as she has been sporting her brand new red collar for quite some time and it looks FABULOUS against her gorgeous colouring. We shall remain patient and wait for the right application to be received.

Lady came with me to the Pet Expo this past weekend. It was great to have so many people meet her and experience for themselves what I have been trying to convey via our websites about what an incredible Dane Lady is. Lady was all class and did not hesitate to sit in people’s laps, lean against them and was very trusting. She also showed her spirit in talking back to me and anyone else who she thought might be ignoring her! 🙂 More interest has now been generated in her and we are reviewing applications. We hope that the best matched home will be found soon for Lady. Though Sean says that she is one gal that can stay with us forever as he is truly enamoured by her charm and grace.

Should Lady not be adopted by the time we attend Pet Expo 2006; she will accompany me. So, if you would like to have the opportunity to meet her, she will be in Port Hope on June 24th!

Lady’s Cafepress Online Store is now set-up!

Lady will have her own Cafepress Online Store whereby the monies raised by your shopping will go towards helping other animals in need. We are currently working on the items. STAY TUNED!!! New pictures of Lady now posted below! In case I have not yet mentioned it, Lady has not used a crate in ages. She has full run of the house and has not destroyed one thing.

I truly cannot say enough about this Dane! Lady possesses quite the character and even a sense of humour! She is now interacting with 13 other dogs without any issues. She is the type of dog that could fit beautifully into any number of ‘home’ situations. I personally would like to see her in a home with at least one other dog as she and Buster and Frost are quite the set of bosom buddies when it comes to playing! She really needs that in her life. I would also like to see her in a home that has children and as per our mandate they have to be 8+ years of age. She adores our kids and she is really a ‘mother’ Dane towards them and I believe she needs that in her life as well. Lady is very obedient, smart and she just loves to ‘talk back’ to me now about how she feels about things; such as not getting my butt out of bed fast enough in the god awful AM to go outside to greet the new day! She is calm when she needs to be and a riot of playfulness when it is time; EXCEPT for when Buster arrived and she has now developed some ‘selective’ hearing in the house and the three of them begin to play. She is still one of the best darn cuddlers in bed and Sean loves that about her! I will have Sean help me to take some new pictures of her as she has gained more weight and her coat is looking so sleek now. She is VERY soft to touch, especially before Buster and Frost get their drool on her! Lady is a very smart Dane. It did not take her long to learn where her food bowl was, to wait for us to get a lead on her before going out, where the treats are etc. She is one of the very few dogs that I can say ‘go to your special spot’ and she will, without being asked twice. Every animal here has their own ‘special’ and ‘safe’ spot that is theirs alone and hers is in the ensuite right by the tub in front of a wall of windows on a huge pile of dog blankets on top of a dog bed. Sean keeps saying that she is an amazing dog and that someone is going to be very lucky to have her as part of their family. He is right that it will be very difficult to hug her and then let her go.

It was a lovely afternoon spent with everyone and Zane was the Great Dane chosen as a good fit for their home, though it was hard for them to leave Lady and Boba. I am very happy for them and for Zane. So, Lady is still available for adoption.

We have a BHRR approved family coming on Friday April 14th to visit and to stay for a BBQ. Boba, Lady and Zane are being considered as their possible new addition and when they are here; it will be best determined who is the ‘right’ fit for their home.

Lady came with me to the vet today’s and she was a FABULOUS ambassador greeting clients all day. When I asked her to go ‘lie’ on her blanket; she went over and lied down on her blanket. She was my very unobtrusive shadow all day. She weighed in at 38.8 Kg(85.36 lbs). She could use another 10+ pounds. She has a red ‘rashy’ type area on the inside of one of her back legs that has gotten larger since her arrival. The vet believes that it could be a ‘play’ incident that she might have been licking at and is now a bit irritated. I will be using Panalog cream on it. Lady was microchipped and we did a HW verification test. The results of that test should be back shortly. We confirmed that yes, she has been spayed as well. I could feel the ‘scar’ line yet wanted to just be sure! Lady became a little ‘grumpy’ wit the vet after the tests and showed some possessiveness towards the blanket I put down with some of the other employees and was a bit possessive of me. With a reassuring touch and a firm word; she settled down really well. Her right eye has a mark on the inner lid that the vet has said that either she was born that way or it had been injured at some point in her life. Her eyesight is fine and she is in really great shape. A few of her teeth are also slightly worn. Lady had really wonderful leash manners walking her down the laneway today as I am parking my car towards the end due to all the ‘mud’; and she had her first introduction to our horses. She was only slightly nervous and was very calm. Lady is a very well adjusted Dane and should be ready for that new home within the next couple of weeks.

I will be bringing Lady with me tomorrow to the Vet when I go to work as I had to cancel her appointment today. I was running late due to a last minute organized consult meeting with legal over a recent issue that has come to light and then I got my car stuck in our lovely ‘spring’ laneway of mud and blew a front tire at that. Lady quite enjoyed the long muddy trek home playing in mud puddles! I did not necessarily enjoy the bathing of her afterwards thought! 🙂 Lady has now been integrated with 9 other dogs to date. I have begun to notice that Lady is a bit possessive of her food bowl when she is eating towards the other dogs. We will be working on that with her. She is still thin yet putting on the weight slowly.

Lady has settled in beautifully. She has had a couple of ‘grumpy’ moments with some of the dogs as she was a little bit jealous of sharing my affection. She is great now. She has been integrated with 8 other dogs to date without any issues. She takes treats very gently from my hand and is quite the cuddle monster! She likes to sleep such that she is always touching you! She has learned where her food bowl is and listens very well. However; she obviously has been fed human food as she can beg like no tomorrow! We are working on that. Her basic commands are great and I am now working on bringing her to the next level. We have decided to keep with the name ‘Lady’ and she is now beginning to respond very well to it. The other thing we are working on with Lady is her jumping up on the kitchen hutch or counters to ‘surf’. Lady is already been given free run of the house and has not destroyed one item. I have not put her into a crate as I have not felt that it is warranted as she has proven herself to be housebroken and trustworthy. She is a very well adjusted girl and it is not hard to understand that she stole the hearts of many upon her transport up to us. Lady will be visiting the vet on Saturday April 1st. Lady has a ‘play’ streak in her that is absolutely hilarious! She bounces and prances and it is very wonderful to see. Her best play buddies are Guinness and Frost “T” at this time.

BHRR’s Lady – Female Merle(slight chocolate hue to coat), Adult (approximately 3-5 years old – March 2001-2003), utd on shots, spayed, HW test was negative(we will verify this status when she sees our vet later this week), good with other dogs, kids and both men and women. Lady is not good with cats. We are told she is housebroken and crate trained; though she requires a treat to get into her crate. Lady was picked up as as a stray in Ohio. She will be de-wormed and put on Sentinel. She is wonderful on a leash and we will assess the rest of her obedience level through time. Lady appeared fine when I gave her food and water and we will properly assess her behavour as she settles in and is out of that ‘honeymoon’ period. She is very calm and accepting of everything around her and is right now cuddled up on a blanket beside me as I type this. She is a small yet a very well in proportioned Dane, standing just under 29 inches @ the whithers and we will get a current weight on her when she is at the Vet’s. She did grump quite strongly at Boba who escaped out of the bedroom to visit Lady and myself in the sunroom as I was typing this write-up. It was clear that she was trying to watch out for me and that she possesses some backbone. She does seem to be a very sweet girl and with her failed crop of one ear almost standing and flopping over; she looks truly adorable.