BHRR’s Lady – Female Merle(slight chocolate hue to coat), Adult (approximately 3-5 years old – March 2001-2003), utd on shots, spayed, HW test was negative(we will verify this status when she sees our vet later this week), good with other dogs, kids and both men and women. Lady is not good with cats. We are told she is housebroken and crate trained; though she requires a treat to get into her crate. Lady was picked up as as a stray in Ohio. She will be de-wormed and put on Sentinel. She is wonderful on a leash and we will assess the rest of her obedience level through time. Lady appeared fine when I gave her food and water and we will properly assess her behavour as she settles in and is out of that ‘honeymoon’ period. She is very calm and accepting of everything around her and is right now cuddled up on a blanket beside me as I type this. She is a small yet a very well in proportioned Dane, standing just under 29 inches @ the whithers and we will get a current weight on her when she is at the Vet’s. She did grump quite strongly at Boba who escaped out of the bedroom to visit Lady and myself in the sunroom as I was typing this write-up. It was clear that she was trying to watch out for me and that she possesses some backbone. She does seem to be a very sweet girl and with her failed crop of one ear almost standing and flopping over; she looks truly adorable.