Lady came with me to the vet today’s and she was a FABULOUS ambassador greeting clients all day. When I asked her to go ‘lie’ on her blanket; she went over and lied down on her blanket. She was my very unobtrusive shadow all day. She weighed in at 38.8 Kg(85.36 lbs). She could use another 10+ pounds. She has a red ‘rashy’ type area on the inside of one of her back legs that has gotten larger since her arrival. The vet believes that it could be a ‘play’ incident that she might have been licking at and is now a bit irritated. I will be using Panalog cream on it. Lady was microchipped and we did a HW verification test. The results of that test should be back shortly. We confirmed that yes, she has been spayed as well. I could feel the ‘scar’ line yet wanted to just be sure! Lady became a little ‘grumpy’ wit the vet after the tests and showed some possessiveness towards the blanket I put down with some of the other employees and was a bit possessive of me. With a reassuring touch and a firm word; she settled down really well. Her right eye has a mark on the inner lid that the vet has said that either she was born that way or it had been injured at some point in her life. Her eyesight is fine and she is in really great shape. A few of her teeth are also slightly worn. Lady had really wonderful leash manners walking her down the laneway today as I am parking my car towards the end due to all the ‘mud’; and she had her first introduction to our horses. She was only slightly nervous and was very calm. Lady is a very well adjusted Dane and should be ready for that new home within the next couple of weeks.