Lady has settled in beautifully. She has had a couple of ‘grumpy’ moments with some of the dogs as she was a little bit jealous of sharing my affection. She is great now. She has been integrated with 8 other dogs to date without any issues. She takes treats very gently from my hand and is quite the cuddle monster! She likes to sleep such that she is always touching you! She has learned where her food bowl is and listens very well. However; she obviously has been fed human food as she can beg like no tomorrow! We are working on that. Her basic commands are great and I am now working on bringing her to the next level. We have decided to keep with the name ‘Lady’ and she is now beginning to respond very well to it. The other thing we are working on with Lady is her jumping up on the kitchen hutch or counters to ‘surf’. Lady is already been given free run of the house and has not destroyed one item. I have not put her into a crate as I have not felt that it is warranted as she has proven herself to be housebroken and trustworthy. She is a very well adjusted girl and it is not hard to understand that she stole the hearts of many upon her transport up to us. Lady will be visiting the vet on Saturday April 1st. Lady has a ‘play’ streak in her that is absolutely hilarious! She bounces and prances and it is very wonderful to see. Her best play buddies are Guinness and Frost “T” at this time.