BHRR’s Colt & His Emerge Temp Foster Angel Ellie White
June 2018Elisabeth suprised me so beautifully this AM with some stunning photo’s of BHRR’s Colt taken by Brooke during his time with her. 

They are gorgeous and this one I thought was incredibly beautiful of them both….for if it were not for Elisabeth stepping up when we posted for an urgent request….this boy’s future would not be one of such promise and hope and of a great life ahead of him…..
BHRR’s Colt has been living with me since July 4th when I picked him up from Elisabeth and there is not one day that does not go by that I do not feel such gratitude and thanks for all that she did for him/BHRR!Thank you!

I truly love this photo! Just love it!

Fostering saves lives…it makes a life/death difference.