I've been saving my Sobey's points and found that I had $25.00 in free groceries!  YAY!  I thought that the best thing to do was to pass it on to BHRR, so I just sent you a donation.  I didn't think to add a note, but you can put it towards Potter's vet bill.  He is one tough little dude! 🙂

We have an angel that I made for the top of our Christmas tree…..and we call her 'Gwen'. 😉

Please say a Merry Christmas to Sean and your children from us….and lots of slobbery mooshies from Ze Boyz! 🙂




Jan, SWO

I'm SO happy that Potter is doing better!  If he had been with anyone else, I'm certain that they would have given up.  You and Sean are truly Potter's angels.

Vicki, ON, CDA

Hi Gwen, I sent the dogs secret Santa package out today via purolator. Hopefully they enjoy their treats and I look forward to coming to an openhouse in the spring or summer and bringing you the cage.  So sorry to hear about Storm, she was sweet, and glad to hear that Potter is feeling better.  I really don't know how your heart holds out when these things happen.  I think mine would have been broken beyond repair, but I am so glad that you are as strong as you are and that you keep doing what you do.

Take care,  and have a very Merry Christmas.



Leanne & Nicole – Sandy Hill, Ottawa, ON

Perhaps we could continue to communicate in 2011 about possible suitable candidates for adoption etc.We currently live in a one bedroom apartment in an environmental co-op in the sandy hill area of Ottawa.  We have a park really close by and would be able to get permission from the co-op's board to fence in our small yard.

We wish you all the best with everything – your own health & that of our furry friends.  We both very much appreciate the love, time and efforts that you and Sean put into helping these sweethearts to get better.


Happy holidays and warm wishes,

Leanne & Nicole

Eva, Ottawa, ON

Hi Gwen,


I speak for Rose and I when I say that it was nice to meet you today, even though for a short while. We figured that there had been some sort of pup emergency. And there is absolutely no need to apologize – we know where that your heart is with the pups.


I do hope we meet again. Even though it was very rewarding for the pups for us to be a part of this (I couldn't stop shopping!!), it was very rewarding for us too, so we thank you for the opportunity.


With all that said, BHRR will continue to be top of mind to me and I will continue to do what I can. Keep up the great work, have a Merry Christmas, and a great new year. You are amazinng, and you make a difference in this world of ours. I hope Potter gets better soon. Tell him I wish him Merry Christmas too!


Take care,


Candy, FL, USA

You are so much more than welcome…..wish it could be more.  My heart melts at all you do for these precious babies….wish I were closer and could be more involved.  Continuing to pray for that sweet, sweet boy.



Lynsie and Ximmy Pierce, USA

I am more than happy to help anyway I can.  And I will be delighted to participate next year as well.

You and everyone at BHRR deserves a big Thank You for all you do.  And I hope that every one of you has a happy holidays.

Rose, Ottawa, ON

Your big hearts go a long way to helping these puppies…. (new and mature J)

I take my hat off to you.

Btw.. I really like all your large dogs…. However Windsor’s eyes got me…… and I would like to be his friend.. J 

Thank You and Merry Christmas


Rose Pigeon


Melissa D., Orleans, ON

Hi Gwen,

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say that I am so sorry about Storm :o( I've been following all the dogs on the website and was showing Raine who might be coming for a home visit and we were shocked to read what happened to poor Storm! You all must be devastated (we shed some tears and we didn't even meet Storm!). Please know that our thoughts are with you.

Please let me know if there's anything you need or I could help with in the mean time.



Melissa, Orleans, ON

Hi Gwen,

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say that I am so sorry about Storm :o( I've been following all the dogs on the website and was showing Raine who might be coming for a home visit and we were shocked to read what happened to poor Storm! You all must be devastated (we shed some tears and we didn't even meet Storm!). Please know that our thoughts are with you.

Please let me know if there's anything you need or I could help with in the mean time.


Leslie, Orleans, ON

I know I've said it a million times and I'm honestly not sucking up but I am just so amazed by the work you do. It's incredible. Those dogs are lucky to have you!

All that you do!!!!

I have 2 beautiful St Bernards, seeing all that you do touched me deeply!!! I am considering a 3 Saint or a bull Mastiff I will certainly keep Birch Haven in mind I am waiting till spring
Thanks for all you do

Theresa, NY, USA

thank you so much for what you do , i was so sad to hear about to read about storm my heart go's to you all. theresa

Bean – Robyn, East Coast Canada


I didn't realize until tonight that you had had to put Bean to sleep. I just watched his slideshow that you have made for him and I now write this with tears running down my face. It's so hard to ever have to put a pet to sleep, let alone a young dog like Bean who was put at such a disadvantage by a careless, thoughtless 'breeder'. How truly awful that there are people like that in the world. I sit here now listening the the gentle snores coming from my two sleeping danes who come from reputable breeders and I think how lucky they are. It's not luck though I know, but carefully thought out breeding programs and people who want to 'better' the breed.
I feel such heartache for Bean, for his brother Frank, and for you. God bless you and BHRR Gwen for all you do and for letting Bean have a wonderful home.

Don & Allison, Ottawa, ON

Gwen and Sean,

We had such a wonderful time at the Open House today, as always! We have posted the photos we took on Facebook with captions……. We hope you enjoy the results as much as we enjoyed our time with you, your family and your dogs.

Don and Allison

P. Dawson, Global Pet Foods – Ancaster

"That was really hard to watch as it brought back memories of when we put our "Harley" to sleep.  I sobbed as I watched the video and held each of my cats afterwards.  Bean was such a brave boy and so lucky to have you in his life, as short as it was.  Thinking of you Gwen.  RIP Bean oxo"

I hope you've been doing ok since Bean's last breath was taken.  I haven't cried like that in a long time.  Poor baby boy.  You did all you could for him.  He loved you no matter what.  Animals are amazing that way aren't they?  


Hang in there Gwen.  Sending hugs your way.


Pam, Sally & Hope =^_^=

L. Price – P.J.’s Quigley’s, Ottawa

I saw your tweet about Bean and watched the clip, his story and that whole page really affected me deeply. I so admire your strength and commitment to the animals; who would care for the unwanted if there were not people like you and your volunteers? Any small part my business can play to help them and you is our honour!

Bean – Bless his heart

I watched your presentation on Bean’s last moments and cried the whole time. It was a beautiful tribute to a puppy that because of negligent breeders had to go away far too soon.

Stay strong and keep up the wonderful work that you do.

Pam S.

K. Tarrington, ON, CDA

"Gwen: Always I have admired what you do and will continue to stand behind you 100% as I don't think that I would ever be able to stand in front and keep a brave and strong face that you do dealing with all that you do."

Dr. Zak, Kanata, ON

love the photo of Bean and Sean…. stay strong Gwen. You gave him your very best (as always). He got to know what

a great home is all about.   



Mary – Oshawa, ON

Hi Gwen,


I am just so sad and heartbroken to read that dear sweet Bean will be crossing over to the bridge this afternoon.


I will be on the road to Bathurst, NB when it happens, but I will be thinking of Bean and you.


You've done all you can for Bean, and now you are giving him the last gift possible to freee him from pain.


You've also given Frank the tools to survive without his brother as a crutch.


Huge hugs to you, Bean, Sean, Mason, Kinsley and Frank today.



Jan – SWO, ON

At least Bean has had tons of love and cuddles from you, even though his life has been so brief. 

Hugs back to you for being the caring person that you are…….and some gentle ones for Bean.


Alex & Karen, SWO, ON

We are both very saddened to read about Bean.  It’s hardest to be in a place where nothing you can do will help, other than let them go to a better place.  We understand how hard this is for you and will keep all of you in our thoughts. For however long his time will be, he is in the best place and the best care.

Jan Bethune, SWO, ON

I just finished reading the latest Gwennie novel on the BHRR site. HUGE KUDOS to you Gwen! There's great info there for everyone and you made so many important points…….especially about deafies having a name!! 🙂 After living with 2 deafies (I have the honour to be mom to BHRR'S Little Tyke and BHRR'S Lil Linus),… I just can't find enough words to say how truly special they are and how lucky I am.

Kim T., ON, CDA

If anyone, I lookup to you and admire what you do as I don't know if I could handle the situations that you deal with on a constant basis.  I have learned a lot from you also and wish to continue to do so.  You really are a terrific person Gwen,

K. Coffin, ON, CDA

Hi Gwen,I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful evening on Saturday. I know there is a lot or preparation that goes into planning an event of this nature. You pulled it off without a hitch with the help of your husband, Sean and children.

I am really pleased that the fundraiser was so successful. It is nice to support such a wonderful organization and the work that you do at BHRR.

Looking forward to next year!


S. Coffin, ON

Hi Gwen

I just wanted to congratulate you on your heartfelt efforts in saving these forgotten and abused puppies. I had wonderful time meeting you and so many animal lovers, that greatly support this worthwhile cause.See you next year,

Luanne – Rusty-Dawg Pet Products

I’m sorry to hear about Bean’s diagnosis. But, I know he’ll do great because he’s with you! Hugs to Bean and to you for all your hard work and dedication! You’re great!

T. Penfield, USA

i am so glad to see ava is ready for her forever home but i am going to cry my self to sleep when she dose i know it is best for her but i can’t help getting all choked up at the thought of not hearing about her and seeing new photos each week . i don’t know how you do it hat off to you for all you do


I came across your website and happen to read the “Reality” page. I can honestly tell you that I cried. Your organization is gold. I have a 3 year old GD female and I look at her and cannot even imagine how someone could treat an animal that way ? Those people should be punished to the full extent of the law and never allowed within 30 feet of an animal again. If it weren’t for organizations like yours these beautiful creatures would never have a chance at life. THANK YOU, you’re angels.

Diane, Ottawa, ON, CDA

Hello Gwen,

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly and for your kind invitation which I will so gladly accept.I look forward to seeing you and to actually meet your Danes that I have read about on your site – from the mischievous “Diva” Shiva to the quiet Storm – you write so well that I feel as though I already know them.

Thank you again for your time.

Kindest regards,

Diane, Ottawa, ON, CDA

Good Evening Gwen,

I was wondering if you have any plans on having another open house in the next little while? If yes, I would be very interested in stopping by and meeting with you and your beautiful ‘brood’.

I would also like to say that the work and the effort and the love you put into these sweet and gentle dogs is almost overwhelming to read. Any dog that is unfortunate enough to find him or herself without a home, would be so fortunate to find their way to yours…..

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards,

Deby, NewMarket, ON

My complete respect to you and your family for the work you are doing, perhaps I can visit you at some point. I am just completing a dog training certification and will volunteer my services in whatever area you need as an experienced Dane owner.PS I love Dana’s energy!

All the best,

Crystal F, USA,

…….and NO THANK-YOU for ALL of your kindess to the animals and ALL that you do for THEM!!! You put your heart and soul out there to save those in need you are special and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Claudia, USA

I just love your website, I transported Moose back in June and I love the fact that I can tune in anytime and get updates on him. I can tell that you care very much. Have a great day Claudia

Michelle, Martin & Sierra, ON, CDA

Wow, what can we say…..
The help and support we have given to BHRR is because we truly enjoy volunteering our time for great causes.
Not to mention the kind hearted people we have met and the beautiful dogs we have helped. All theses reasons contribute to fact that we love volunteering with BHRR!!As you said last sunday Gwen, they should have invented more words to say “Thank you”! 😉
So “un GROS merci” to you, Gwen and Sean, from the bottom of our hearts!

Michelle & Martin & Sierra

Rebecca, ON, CDA

That means a lot to me you are a huge role model for me and I have learnt a lot from you over the years!Rebecca

K. Faulkner, ON

I just love her – Lily Belle! She’s such a sweetheart. She’s such a doll. I had a really fun time at the BBQ and it was so nice to learn about your organization. I will be on the lookout and/or will try to collect some of the things you need.
Once again, thank you so much. Everyone was so friendly and wonderful and Bella enjoyed herself a lot (she likes to just sit and watch the excitement going on around her – other people/other dogs.) And, I was really happy that her nail clipping went so well.
I have bookmarked your website and will be watching as well for future events/news.”

B. Price, ON – Adopter of BHRR’s Barkley

Hi Gwen:

Thanks for your hospitality on Saturday. Even with someone who has had a multiple dog family for many years it was almost overwhelming to see all those big dogs in one house. I certainly have to give you a great deal of credit for the work you do and the dedication you show toward aiding dogs in need of your special type of care and assistance. Please let me know when you have another “open house” or fund raiser.

Bob Price

Jessica Foote, Ottawa, ON

Hi there,
Sorry for the late hour but I felt that I couldn’t wait to send you an email 🙂 . I wanted to offer my help in any way possible. I work for the City of Ottawa. I have my own rescued animals and have always been an avid supporter of rescuing animals in need… as I do so quite often from local pounds. I would like to offer my vehicle in any transportation situations you need. Although there may be obvious times that I am not available; the times that I am, I would like to help.
I have read the stories about your Danes and all of them have touched me in some way. Thus leading to my current “surprise” that I am putting together/working on for your large family. I also have toys, blankets and a large dog crate that I would like to donate (and can deliver).
Anyway, to some it all up, I’m basically saying that I would really like to become an avid helper/volunteer and would like to know what it is *at all* that you need help with.
I hope to hear from you soon and I do really hope that there is something that I can do to help.
Thank you for your time
Jessica Foote

N. Galvin, SWO, ON

Hi Gwen,
I was so happy to read your post on the Yahoo Dobe Rescue list about sweet Barkley’s progress — !yay! indeed!

After I looked at his pictures I did a browse around your site, which is just wonderful — so much info, and all of it really accessible.

Best regards,

L. McCracken, ON, CDA

I saw Shiva’s beautiful photo, and then decided to visit your website to find out more about her and what you were doing through your rescues.
You are an angel… saving angels. I am a dog person to the core. I wish with everything that one day I can be a companion and family to a wonderful dog. I know I have so much love to give a wonderful animal. But being a nurse, I fear I will never be able to come home to a doggy companion due to my 12hr day shifts. I do not want children, I just want a dog in my life!

I read Potter’s story… and I cried. What a truly handsome and happy dog. How can anyone be cruel to these wonderful and loving beings. It truly mystifies me.

What you are doing touches my heart deeply. I am so happy to see that these lucky animals have such a committed and loving individual welcoming them into their home and heart.

You are an inspiration. I can only hope that one day I can adopt one of your gorgeous dogs. In the meantime, I will happily donate money to help Potter and the rest of your family!

A cheque is in the mail.

Thank you for being an angel to our furry friends.

Yours Truly,
Lyndsay McCracken

K. Shields, Ottawa, ON

I just wanted to thank you for your site….I am now grieving the loss of my girl Babe after 13 years by my side she was a Dane/Lab X (pic attached) She was about 45 kg and such a beautiful and smart girl.

I am still in the grieving process and your site makes me smile.

Again thank you for you site as well thank you for caring for these amazing animals.


Kevin Shields

J. Dunlop, ON, CDA

Good evening Gwen,
My name is Jess and I have a giant breed dog (Irish Wolfhound). What you and your team do for giant breed dogs is very close to my heart. My sister Kate and I decided to do some fundraising – we baked dog cookies and sold them to our co-workers, friends and family. We were hoping to raise $100, but ended up raising $400!
The two of us have been following your work on your website and both feel that you are doing an amazing job! We are hoping to continue doing the dog cookie drives a few times a year. I have just committed to selling doggie baked goods at a craft show in November and will be donating the proceeds again to Birch Haven.
Keep up the good work. We will continue to watch and support Birch Haven along the way.
Best wishes,
Jess Dunlop (and my sister Kate)

K. Phillips, W.O. Mitchell ES, Kanata, ON

Well, our class really appreciated you visit!
We will be sure to share all we learned with our friends and families.
All the best to you and your organization in the future :o)
Kelley Phillips


That boy is a survivor! Thank goodness he is now with you where he wil be cared for and loved!

I’ve said it to so many people….you and Sean are angels.


P. Byrne, Ottawa, ON

I have to say that I am sooooo soooo happy to hear Barkley is doing well!!! All weekend I was checking the site constantly to see that he was doing ok. I am so glad and relieved, and to even see him walking in the pictures is amazing!!! It is really great that you took him in with such short notice and got him surgery the next day. Barkley’s life was saved thanks to you!! I am sure in every way he can he is thanking you.

L. Crawford, ON, CDA

It’s really my pleasure. I wish it could be more – I sincerely do. You are amazing and we shall have so much fun in June!!

N. Lewis, Ottawa, ON

I love the work that you are doing. I share my life with a blue Dane, Riley.

M. Miller, ON, CDA

Hi Gwen,

Thank you for updating Potter’s blog. What a brave soul he is. I really do not know how you handle everything…there will be a very special place in heaven for you …. but not for a looooooong time.

Ava Marie

She is a big girl and what a sweet face. I know she is in the best place she can be and you will have many stories to share.
Thank you for what you and Sean do for all the rescues that come into you home.
I will watch her progress via the website.Take care,

L. Crawford, ON, CDA

I can’t tell you how much it’s appreciated that you do what you do. You contribute your whole LIFE to these guys. Such a special lady you are!


Melissa, Cornwall, ON, CDA

I stumbed across your website, and I wanted to say that the rescue work you are doing is wonderful. Thank you for mentioning about the Big Black Dog Syndrome, I have 2 very friendly large black dogs that many people shy away from.

Melissa Cornwall ON

Barry Cole, N.S./ON, CDA

Just wanted to say thank-you again for yesterday! thank-you for the wealth of knowledge you are willing to share and for one of the biggest compliments I could have ever received…it meant so much. My heart has been stolen by a number of dogs again:D I love being a part of it all. and if only I could have brought a stick of butter for PPSS. lol Barry

D. Cupolo, Ottawa, ON, CDA

Hi Gwen,

It was great to meet you and your (people and dog) family today! You exceeded my expectations for today.

As I mentioned I was a bit hesitant at first and wanted to check things out before going any further. Your knowledge, passion and compassion are inspiring. There was so much love in the open house today it was great. And I too believe like you that no dog, regardless of age or condition should be discounted. I’m disappointed to know that some folks stopped their contributions because they felt what you are doing with Albert is “wrong”. Luckily for me (and I’m sure there are others like me) who find this inspiring.

It will be great when you get your charitable registration number as well. I donate regularly through payroll deductions to charity and once you receive your registration number I can get your charity listed on the Employee Giving Campaign Website for all….so others can donate as well. Of course I’ll be spreading the word also!

Thanks again, and I look forward to your house visit with my family once I submit the volunteer/foster/adopt paperwork.

Dave Cupolo

Kim and Paul Schaefer, Connecticut, USA

I was on your website last eve. for the first time. We discovered it from looking at Petfinder.com. I think it all the work you have done with these animals is great. My family and I balled our eyes out looking at the animals who have come into rescue with you. How disgraceful it is that people can do this to these animals.

R. Bradbury, CDA

Hope all is well! I was reading your post about people saying they will not donate to help the ‘older’ danes you have taken in. I cannot believe that anyone would make such a heartless comment…just because one is old does not make them any less deserving of a good home and whatever help we can give them.
I now have a second dane, a blue female who is turning 8 tomorrow! Looking at Luna as she snoozes next to me I cannot imagine saying she is ‘too old’ to help. I think if people could meet these ‘older’ dogs maybe, just maybe they would change their mind. Anyway that is my two cents for now!Please give Albert a hug for me when he is ready…I love his white face. : )

E. Chomyshyn, Ottawa, ON


It is truly my pleasure to help, and your organization is certainly one that I would love to help out even more. Sue Bird’s photos of Jaxson are what brought me to your website. I have a wonderful American bulldog myself, and can certainly vouch for the fact that they truly are wonderful dogs.

Maddy belonged to friends of ours. She was an amazing American Bulldog and had already overcome being born with only one eye. She passed away unexpectedly during a surgery to repair a torn ACL, and her family is heartbroken.

I thought that a donation in her name to an organization willing to help large and giant breed dogs would be a nice way to preserve her memory.

E. Seguin, Ottawa, ON


I wish I could do more… I bawled for an hour as I was looking at your site. I had never heard of your organization until yesterday and I have to say you and your team are amazing. I cried for the dogs and I cried because of your goodness.

Jan B., SWO, ON, CDA

I just read what you’d written on the blog about some people not thinking that a senior Dane is not worth saving. I can’t believe someone would say they wouldn’t donate money because you’re rescuing a couple of older Danes.

BRAVO!!!! YOU Rock!!!


John & Junior, USA

Hi Gwen,

You’re so welcome. Every time I visit your website, I can’t believe how much time and effort you put into taking care of our Danes-in-need – and for that I thank YOU.

Jennifer W., Ottawa, ON

Thanks, and good luck. I deeply admire what you’re doing for the animals. (We have three rescued dogs ourselves, and two rescued cats!)

J. Wallace, Brockville, ON, CDA

We live in Brockville, and I stumbled upon your site one day recently. would like to say that I love what you are doing and if we didnt have little kids, actually I should say, when we dont have little kids, I will be signing up to adopt. good luck with all your endeavors, cant wait to be able to help.

**** HAPPY **** NEW **** YEAR **** !!!!!



FRIENDS’ / GIANTS’ @ ** BHRR ** !!!! —->

THE VERY ” BEST ” THAT –2010– CAN OFFER !!!!!!