L. McCracken, ON, CDA

I saw Shiva’s beautiful photo, and then decided to visit your website to find out more about her and what you were doing through your rescues.
You are an angel… saving angels. I am a dog person to the core. I wish with everything that one day I can be a companion and family to a wonderful dog. I know I have so much love to give a wonderful animal. But being a nurse, I fear I will never be able to come home to a doggy companion due to my 12hr day shifts. I do not want children, I just want a dog in my life!

I read Potter’s story… and I cried. What a truly handsome and happy dog. How can anyone be cruel to these wonderful and loving beings. It truly mystifies me.

What you are doing touches my heart deeply. I am so happy to see that these lucky animals have such a committed and loving individual welcoming them into their home and heart.

You are an inspiration. I can only hope that one day I can adopt one of your gorgeous dogs. In the meantime, I will happily donate money to help Potter and the rest of your family!

A cheque is in the mail.

Thank you for being an angel to our furry friends.

Yours Truly,
Lyndsay McCracken