J. Dunlop, ON, CDA

Good evening Gwen,
My name is Jess and I have a giant breed dog (Irish Wolfhound). What you and your team do for giant breed dogs is very close to my heart. My sister Kate and I decided to do some fundraising – we baked dog cookies and sold them to our co-workers, friends and family. We were hoping to raise $100, but ended up raising $400!
The two of us have been following your work on your website and both feel that you are doing an amazing job! We are hoping to continue doing the dog cookie drives a few times a year. I have just committed to selling doggie baked goods at a craft show in November and will be donating the proceeds again to Birch Haven.
Keep up the good work. We will continue to watch and support Birch Haven along the way.
Best wishes,
Jess Dunlop (and my sister Kate)