Bean – Robyn, East Coast Canada


I didn't realize until tonight that you had had to put Bean to sleep. I just watched his slideshow that you have made for him and I now write this with tears running down my face. It's so hard to ever have to put a pet to sleep, let alone a young dog like Bean who was put at such a disadvantage by a careless, thoughtless 'breeder'. How truly awful that there are people like that in the world. I sit here now listening the the gentle snores coming from my two sleeping danes who come from reputable breeders and I think how lucky they are. It's not luck though I know, but carefully thought out breeding programs and people who want to 'better' the breed.
I feel such heartache for Bean, for his brother Frank, and for you. God bless you and BHRR Gwen for all you do and for letting Bean have a wonderful home.