We have been asked to take in a Black with White Female GD that is currently in SW ON. From what was sent our way we know that she is severely emaciated and came in as a stray. It is believed that someone starved her and then dumped her down a side road. She was wandering aimlessly. In the shelter she has put on a few pounds…but has a LONG way to go. She is very energetic and loves food…so it does not appear there are underlying health issues. We have been told that she looks like an adult yet from her pics she looks considerably younger. We will get a better determination after she arrives. She is ultra friendly to adults and kids and listens well. She has shown some protective tendencies towards her treats yet this is very understandable and she will need to be fed in a quiet place at this time. She is just too comical and sweet and silly and such a loveable lanky quirky thing. I have posted 2 pics below of this GD. We do not know if she has been named and if so, what that name might be; HW+, spayed yet I most certainly do not like the look of how flat her feet are in that one picture nor that one front knuckle joint and am working to get her pulled ASAP and temp fostered until at least next Saturday so that I can drive down all the way to SW ON if need be to get her. I have had an offer of someone being able to get her to TO and that is just awesome. THANKS to all that have stepped forward to help us pull and temp foster this GD. Please consider partipating in our BHRR ONLINE AUCTION EVENT that started today for the funds are going to be very much needed to help Vet and Rehab this Great Dane. She will not be available for adoption for quite some time.