Mazda was picked up on Friday at KAH by one of my Clients for her play weekend and from what I have been sent; she is having a blast and they are having a blast with her! Due to our Cherokee’s sudden onset of vomiting up sheer blood; instead of picking up Mazda tomorrow(Sunday); I will pick her up from them after my work shift at KAH on Monday. I am very appreciative of them keeping her an extra day yet according to them they are loving and spoiling her to bits! 😀 They have found her to be quite amazing and I am so proud of her AND of them in working with her. I have added two new slide pictures that they sent to me of her # 26 & #27 and I feel very comfortable with her being in their hands. Her tail tip was doing great until I put her into the car to go to KAH yesterday, sigh….yet I have not heard if anything has become worse while she has been with them. I gave them her antibiotics and told them that she is great about you holding her tail and ‘calming’ down as she is almost a full body wiggle/tail wag and she rocks in cleaning her tail too. No matter how many dogs we may have here; I always ‘miss’ one when they are gone and Mazda’s HUGE personality is definitely missed. I am also thankful on a sidenote that Noreena has taken Tain for me until tomorrow night(as was our plan anyway) yet with Cherokee the way she is; I am very thankful to know that I do not have to worry about his special needs right now.