I brought Mazda in to work with me last night. She weighed 55.4 KGs(121.88 pounds) and no sooner than we got in the door and she had blood spraying everywhere from that tip of her tail as she bumped it on the wall where our weight scale is…ugh….She just wags with her whole lower body and tail that it is almost impossible to keep her ‘still’ when she is just so happy to see every one and every dog! We did a FNA on her lump(cyst) in the scar area from her past tail injury and decided to keep her on the Cephalexin for 2 weeks at 250 mg tabs x 3 BID. The tip injury just keeps coagulating and then re-opening due to her antics. The kennel run was almost a blood bath and it took me quite some time along with a collegue to clean all the blood off the walls, doors etc. None of it bothers Mazda in the least, she just kept banging her tail as happy as can be. My scrub bottoms were not so ‘surgical green’ anymore after my shift. She was suppose to go over to one of my Client’s homes for the weekend(Friday – Sunday) for a playdate and sleepover mini-vacation yet we will have to monitor the next 24 hours. Our home is very open concept with very little things that she can bang her tail on; this is not the same with many other homes. The focus is on getting that tail tip to heal. I want my Client’s and Mazda to have the best weekend possible and we shall see what the next day holds. I would hate for her to miss out on being with them and vice versa as this could be a possible future ‘great match’ adoptive home for her and would be a wonderful opportunity for everyone to just spend some more great quality time plus fun together. She does not lick or bother with her tail at all yet I have my aresenal of E-Collars at home just in case.