BHRR’s Sleet
Born October 21st, 2018
*candid photo I snapped tonight*

My last post of my night!

One of our three deaf/blind mice. 

She does this EVERY night with Sean. She and BHRR’s Glacier really love to be held and snuggled.

AND when BHRR’s Sleet becomes overstimulated or overwhelmed – which is so rare these days as we have worked hard to ensure that she is set up for success – what works best is holding her close & rubbing her chest. It is the only thing that soothes her.

She is the smallest of the 3 blind/deaf mice and she was the one that we were most worried if we could successfully rehab with her severe level of specialness.

Yet, out of the three, she is the most solid now. She is exceptional! Just exceptional!

She keeps her ‘big’ sibling brother Summit in line and always has! 

She is incredibly lovely and though, nothing shall ever replace BHRR’s ‘tude special needs tripod boxer supreme Potterman, Miss Sleet has forged her own enormous place in Sean’s heart plus soul. Yet, as he says ‘he has no favs!’

Their relationship is really precious, adorable and truly is one that is deep plus clearly mutual.

She has excelled herself with her scent plus touch training and had a double eneucleation too, exactly one year ago today. She no longer lives in severe pain from eyes that pained her deeply and eyes that she could not even see out of.

Completely blind and deaf, she navigates with her own confidence and calmness. She is extremely gentle in taking treats from your hand, is housebroken, is crate trained, playful, affectionate and is a great ‘supervisor’ of Sean while he is on his computer. 

She makes Sean pause and realise that it is important to ‘stop and smell those roses’ AKA take the time to enjoy all that is around you…..

To live in the present, to make the most out of everything, take delight in the smallest of things and not just the big things and that a loving heart/touch can help heal some things that are hurting/broken….

THANK you again to all that came out today to support our Nail Trim Event at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic!

Thank you to all that have made a donation to date to help us with BHRR’s Coupe’s mounting Vet bills.

THANK you to all of the Special Valentines that stepped up to make donations of a monetary gift and a toy and/or treat! Humbled…..

From our home to all of our friends, family plus supporters, the warmest and truly indebted of thanks are being sent!