Caring For Coupe Facebook Fundraiser!
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Mr. Coupe is an ~3 year old NewfX.

As many know, the giants have my heart, the special needs even more so!

He comes from a really terrible past – a stray that was picked up. Skinny, hit by a car and upon doing further investigation, he was determined to be heartworm positive, had a deep penetrating bone infection – actinomyces canis 1+ and we also discovered no less than two bullets in him. 🙁

Amputation is not an option for the one leg as he also has a lesion plus arthritis in his other leg. His ortho specialist recommended a bone debridement surgery and also discussed doing removal of the anconeal process and elbow arthroscopy to assess the rest of the joint to greatly improve his mobility.

Surgery was scheduled for February 21st.

Unfortunately, this past week, he presented to Eagleson Veterinary Hospital with vomiting, was bringing up brown liquid, was unsettled and refusing to eat.

Further x-rays, a barium series plus an ultrasound indicated that exploratory surgery was required as the concern was raised that a possible Foreign Body or masses within his intestines could be the cause.

Emergency surgery discovered that he had two sizeable pieces of material connected via a long string stemming from his colon to his small intestine.

He has spent three nights at the Hospital and today is his fourth day.

Hoping that other animal loving people may consider his cause to support to make a donation towards his mounting Vet Bills. He did not ask for all that happened to him. He is the sweetest, most loving, gentle, calm and wonderful of boys.

Thank you in advance from our hearts for any assistance, even $5! and for also keeping him in your best thoughts!