BHRR’s Coupe

We met with Dr. Philibert on February 14th and sadly, yet, honestly, it is truly in BHRR’s Coupe’s best interest that he will not have his bone debridement and removal of the anconeal process and elbow arthroscopy to assess the rest of the joint surgery that had originally been scheduled on February 21st.

We need him to heal and get stronger from this surgery and therefore, he will remain on the strong antibiotics of the Clindamycin for the next 9 weeks. He will continue on his pain medication and NSAID regime too.

At that time, Dr. Philibert will do the removal of the anconeal process and elbow arthroscopy to assess the rest of the joint on not one yet both front legs. 🙁 Dr. Philibert will determine at that time if he shall also have the bone debridement surgery and will repeat x-rays. It will depend how the deep penetrating bone infection is doing.

Per Dr. Philibert and what we have posted before, BHRR’s Coupe also has a lesion in his other leg along with arthritis.

So, the rehabilitation journey for Mr. Coupe continues and shall for some time to come.

We also need to do a Dental as he has broken/cracked teeth from his days of trying to survive as a stray and eating what he could find.

The good news is that he is now 40.3 kgs(88.66 pounds!) thanks to Shauna Stewart and her partner Billy! They have been emerge fostering him for us when he could be released from the Hospital. He was going to their home overnight and spending his day at EVC. Shauna works with me at Eagleson as a Vet Tech. THANK YOU to her for offering to step up to provide excellent post op care for him which enabled me to work on a cruelty case situation! 

As many can attest, he is AMAZING! Just a dream of a dog!

Here is his online fundraiser that Sean created! Now, that we have the final confirmation that he will still have further surgeries YET now surgery on both front legs plus a dental, the bills will continue to rise……

We are continuing to work on fundraising ideas for him as two leg surgeries and a dental with extractions is going to bring his current bills up even many many many thousands of dollars higher…AND that is not even addressing the two bullets we found in him to date…as his whole body has not been x-rayed, he may have more….