BHRR’s Albert is now feeling so much more comfortable around Sean plus the kids and that makes me so happy! He remains very much bonded to me and he is such a joy! What remains a ‘scary’ experience for him is when strangers come to BHRR. We did manage to see him come out for about 45 seconds or so late last night for a pee while BOD of BHRR member Mary was here and then he promptly scurried into his open crate again. I am going to post a picture below of Albert from June 14th, 2010. I love this boy! He will now respond to his ‘name’ more consistently and will even come outside for a very brief time when I call him and not just on his own volition. I truly wish people could see Albert as he is with me and now pretty much with my husband and kids yet he is not yet ready and so we continue with the baby steps. He will now also come out of his open crate when the TV is on and walk about the main floor area a bit!!!! HUGE! HUGE! HUGE! WTG Albert!

BHRR’s Albert – June 14th, 2010