We have come back from being away to find that Frost is still doing well. He has lost considerable weight during our absence and I plan on bringing him in to re-weigh him and to test his Electrolytes, Digoxin levels etc. very soon. It will be three months tomorrow since he had his huge slide downward in his health and even as I am typing this, he is giving me the best kisses on my face and ear.. THAT makes having to get up every 1.5-2 hours each night to let him out and THAT much more worth it all! 🙂 His weight issues continue to cause me great concern and so we keep trying new things to interest him in food. He has now taken a liking to Mason’s McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets and is back on his wet H/D kick. We have taken some new pictures of Frost “T” with Sean’s new digital camera and I will post some updated pictures of him soon. Thank you again to all that have been keeping him in their thoughts.