My 'Heart' boy PPSS(Piranha Puppy Soul Squall), BLIND & DEAF GD(almost 8.5 years of age) April 7th, 2006 – August 29th, 2014
Photo is from August 1st, 2014 @ KAH

As of the end of July, he began to have passive regurgitation and, I brought him in as, I also suspected that his heart(his brother, my CH. Dyceman passed away suddenly on July 29th, 2013 of a heart attack) was also no longer normal.
Blood-work etc. was fine, including his Pheno and Potassium Bromide levels(Soul was diagnosed with IS at the age of 2), were all normal
Fast forward to Sunday August 24th, and his passive regurgitation became much worse, he stopped eating(and, that is a HUGE sign that something was serious wrong).
I strongly suspected aspiration pneumonia and, dehydration(for, while he would drink, he could not keep any fluid down) and, brought him immediately into work on Monday August 26th. His Vets agreed…..
The next few days were trips back and forth to the Hospital as he was kept on IV and meds 24/7 and, he was diagnosed with Acquired Mega E, Aspiration Pneumonia, Heart Arrhythmia and, was throwing regular PVC's…..
His mind and heart and soul fought valiantly and, there was significant improvement yet, his body was failing him…….
I needed to be the O. he needed me to be. We almost lost him on Monday, I was prepared to let him go on Wednesday(one of his Vets wanted to try a new med and, it, did work to some degree) and, I made the decision to let him go on Friday August 29th…my last 'gift' to my incredible boy……one of the best therapy dogs, I have ever had, my loyal companion for all of those years.
AND, to all that knew and loved him, if you sat on the ground, you were 'fair' game to be his chair! AND, you better not have had space issues for, he loved being close to folks and, gave such good face cleaning smooches.
I took him on his final car ride on Friday August 29th and, he made it so clear that he did not want to be back at KAH and, I bawled like a baby…still am…..I then, brought him home and, he is laid to rest right by his brother, CH. Dyceman.
The way he looked at me, made me feel ten feet tall, while at the same time, brought me to my knees in such humbled awe that, he would "CHOOSE" me to love and care about.
He showed a world how NORMAL he was and, his scent and touch training, made so many sit up and take notice, of the accomplishments a special needs dog can do.
A butter thief to the end! His first thought upon waking was 'food', and, his last thought upon sleeping was 'food' with the pheno making him hungry and, I know that *I* was also top of his list each AM and PM too.
It has only been a few days, and, I only now slept my first night back in the bed that, he shared with me for so many years.
As one person told me(and, I said the same myself), the life I have chosen is not an easy one with the type of rescue that we operate here BUT, it does not get any easier when we have to let precious dogs go AND, it most certainly is NOT easier to let one, of my own go either.
I adored him…I adore each dog that crosses my home and heart, yet, some touch you a bit deeper….and, that is PPSS…just as my Frost 'T' was before him…….
I could write novels and novels about how amazing, fabu, special, incredible, WOW this boy was NOT just to me, yet, to so many yet, this past week has been another nightmare one for me….
I have now lost both of my deaf/bind GD boyz in the span of less than 2 months…….
I must thank my family for being right by my side, and I must thank Dr. Adams, Dr. Zak and Dr. Marshall of KAH, NOT to mention my other KAH team-mates for all you did for him and me last week. Every day, all of you were right there, working tirelessly by my side, wanting so hard to make PPSS 'whole' again………
Soul, you have given me some of the best years of my life and, I will miss SO much about you…the sounds you make, the cuddles you gave, our 'who can smooch who first' games and, how you loved to stick your head out of the sunroof.
YOU were the GD that never really grew up in so many ways…..
RIP my dear ol' man…….you are reunited with your brother and, you live on in my dreams and, I shall see you tonight when I close my eyes……
A world is going to miss you………