Found A Pet

“Found” Animals: If you have ‘Found’ an animal, please post an ad in your local newspapers (should be free) and put up notices in your local grocery, convenience store, coffee shop, phone and light posts etc. Also, contact your local Humane Society or Shelter/Pound to see if an animal matching the description of the one you found has been listed. Furthermore, please touch base with your local By-Law Officer. They can come and ‘scan’ the animal for a microchip or take the animal away to the local shelter or pound. Or you can go visit your local Vet and they can also scan. Should you not be able to ‘house’ this animal and it is a Giant Breed, please feel free to contact BHRR for assistance. We will also gladly post the animal up on our website to help them get home.

“Lost” Animals: If you have lost your animal and would like assistance in trying to locate them, please feel free to contact us. We will freely and happily assist you with flyers, putting you in touch with various animal organizations and shelters, being a ‘friend’ to help you look for your lost pet, posting a notice up on our website etc. Put up flyers all over your neighbourhood, in businesses, in petstores, Veterinarians, to your local bus drivers, cab and utility drivers and mail person. Put ads in the paper, visit all of your local HS, SPCA’s and Shelters. Contact your local by-law officer too. DO not just file a ‘missing’ report with them! These places are operated by wonderful Volunteers yet sometimes it can be hard to accurately id breed from another and most dogs; after being ‘on the run’ for awhile; no longer will look like the picture of your beloved pet due to weight loss and stress etc.

PLEASE microchip your animals. HELP them get home!!!!! Not only microchip your dog yet please ensure that the microchip information is actually registered! Also, please make sure that your vet and licensing office has your most current home and contact information.
*Collars can become lost or be taken of by thieves; tattoos can be changed or cut off; therefore; microchipping is a very important ‘safety’ and ‘high successful’ return rate tool for your piece of mind! I know that when BHRR had three Danes stolen(all owned by us; it was the microchips that enabled us to get them back when we did)!