Our precious apricot brindle EM Caffrey
April 22nd, 2009 – January 24th, 2015
*She is the second victim to contaminated food donated our way by another group.
More details can be found in BHRR’s Merlin’s memorial post re: the food. Previous photo in this album.
Caffrey ate some of the vomit – at one point we were cleaning up over 52 piles of vomit/diarrhea inside and out and, she is a big vomit eater….
Before she could be safely put away in crate, she had eaten her share of partially digested food.
As she already had advanced Kidney Disease – we had her almost 4 years, having gotten her from a home that was not taking the best care of her and, we were contacted by her r/q show breeder if we wanted her.
She was our RIP beloved EM Guinness great neice and, had another relation that I would have to look up. When we got her, we learned that she had a severe UTI and also kidney disease AND, had done so well for all these years with us…….
She was one of our amazing certified therapy dogs and, she was Kinsley’s best friend…..
Having lost her brindle GD boy, ‘Baby Dragonz’ she called him, when he was just shy of 8 years to bloat/tort in 2009, Caffrey was her world…….
Thank you to Caffrey’s amazing show breeder for talking to me and, listening to my heart ache and, devastation over her tragic loss……
Equally, heart-breaking is that this food has caused severe damage to the internal organ function of a few other of our BHRR dogs, and, more losses to our hearts plus souls…..
RIP our gorgeous, sweet, loving, kind, gentle giant……
While I never liked the idea of Kinsley dressing you up or wanting to paint your nails, you were ALL for it…..
AND, gosh your relationship with Sir-Bounce-A-Lots, who also misses you so deepy, was so incredible. Extremely special.
We will all miss your unladylike snoring, your unladylike drinking and, then wanting to share with the rest of us AND, we will miss the most, your kisses, feet warming hugs and, beautiful presence in our lives……
RIP gorgeous lady………