Bleach – September 12, 2010 – July 8th, 2014

My Bleach was one of my deaf/blind Great Danes – I have been blessed to
have been owned by my share of deaf and/or blind Danes/Dogs over the past couple of decades and, he was GCN certified and, we were working on our Therapy Dog Certification…….
After battling the 'demon' of barely controllable cluster seizures since April of 2014, the Bleach that not only myself yet, SO many others over the years, was no longer the boy, we all adored….
Sadly, these amazing special needs dogs are prone to idiopathic seizures, heart conditions, immature digestive and immune systems etc.
We worked so hard to get them under control, to no avail……they, not only affected him physically, yet, emotionally and mentally and, my promise to each and every dog that I am so fortunate to be owned or rescued by, I will NEVER compromise their quality of life over any part of my heart/soul that bleeds even considering losing them……
So much that I want to say, yet, Bleach you are at peace right now….I am walking another living nightmare of hell and, I continue to be filled with despair, bursts of tears, nausea and, the pain is unbearable…..
I apologize to all that I have not been reading any related emails, texts, pm's or my wall as, I just need to throw myself into our July 13th Event, stay busy until I can fall exhausted for a couple of hours before, the heartache wakens me again, and, I walk feeling so alone without him by my side………
Bleach – YOU loved everyone! You nudged and bopped and bumped and snuffled people! You perfected your scent and touch training that until, –people saw your eyes – they never would have even thought you were blind.
Being deaf/blind was normal to you and to me AND, to all that were so darn lucky to have met and been loved by you AND shared space on your couch.
You zip and zoomed in your 'dance' and, you were so freakin' happy and bounced and, ran carefree and full of such incredible heart. NOT a dog or person or horse that you did not love. Friendly and affectionate and a ham!
You have been ONE of the best of dogs I have ever had and, when, the time is right, I will honor your memory in ONLY the way, it is so deserving!
May you be sitting on the laps and bodies of all those of our friends/family that have crossed before you….
Please tell all my other furbabies how much I miss them and, until we meet again……
AND, I shall continue to honor you AND, other likes you by our continued work at BHRR. We are a special needs rescue and, your passion for life, lives in me to continue helping all those that we can………