Hamilton The Newf came into our home in the fall of 2007 and was one of 14 Landseer Newf pups. From looking closely and having had this confirmed by two different Vets; he does have Ectropian in his left eye yet the Vets felt it is minor enough not to have required surgery when I had him neutered on March 26th, 2008. We also X-Rays his hips at that time and it confirmed what I knew when I brought him home; that he has HD and his left side is much worse than his right side. He weighed 47.2 KGs(103.84 pounds) at the time of his neuter. He was quite thin when he arrived and he has slowly begun to put on the weight. This page is going to be dedicated to Hamilton The Newf so you can stay abreast of his story and to view his pictures. 🙂 I have high hopes of him becoming one of our BHRR Therapy dogs and with us retiring our Kona(NewfX) this year(she will be 9 in April and has had HD herself since she was <1 years of age; also a Rescue and one of 8 puppies born to a HW+ dog that was dumped at the OHS); Hamilton will have big shoes to fill as the Newf on board the BHRR Therapy Dog Train! 😛 He is just wonderful to all that meet him yet everytime we bring him to the Animal Hospital; he literally becomes catatonic, drops to the floor and plays ‘if I don’t look; you cannot see me’. He is getting better and with more visits and great experiences, he should be fine. He is just so different there than anywhere else and he also DOES not like the car at all. So, lots of trips to the Timmie’s and McDonald’s for him as his yummy reward for being so big and brave! 😉