BHRR’s Gus, The Neo! 
This is our 400th Adoption For BHRR. 

Thank you to his new lovely forever loving adoptive home in going through our detailed and thorough adoption process. Thank you for opening up your home on this glorious fall day for the home-visit and spending time with us.

Thank you to Allie for helping to do this home-visit with me and to Kinsley for being my road trip partner. 

BHRR’s Gus, I have been doing road trips for home-visits for over two decades and you were literally one of the best travel and hotel buddies ever!! You rocked the whole experience and for a dog that came to me with anxiety issues, this was a huge accomplishment for you! 

I already miss you and your big loving mushball personality and huge zest for life. Everyone knows when you walk into a room…..

This is what we must do…..adopt the ones that we can so that we then can assist others in need of our programs.

I so look forward to watching the exciting chapters of your future unfold.

You have been a true joy and a real hoot to have had in our home/rescue and I shall forever remain humbled by how you looked at me with those soul reaching eyes….thank you for your trust, your loyalty, your eagerness to please, your continued attempts to always get your way, your smarts, your great ability to ‘work’ a room and most of all for your enormous heart….the world is your big playground and you are a gift that so many are going to be touched to receive…..

You are deeply loving and affectionate….I adore that about you and how proud you are of yourself when you have done something that once made you a bit worried and now makes you so happy!

The only limits you shall ever have in life are those that people will impose upon you and those limits should be so few and far between….you are brimming with so much potential.

Kinsley & I are off for a well earned lunch and then to make the long drive home…cannot wait to see my Bakers Dozen, Sean, Mason, my other dogs and horses again! No place like home!

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We are finally here! After a five+ hour drive! 

BHRR’s Gus had an amazing drive down!! I am so proud of him! We have worked extensively to make him feel safe and comfortable in the car as he has anxiety and abandonment issues.

He chomped on his new smoked knuckle bone, snoozed, snored, put his head on my shoulder to help supervise my driving and looked out the window. He was the best of travel companions! WTG Gus-Gus!! 

The only anxiety he showed was when Kinsley & I were apart – such as when I was filling up the car with gas or we took turns going to the bathroom. He settled down great with a positive reinforcement assurance correction and then passively ignored. He loves his ‘pack’.

He had a huge pee when we arrived, drank and slobbered water, ate his supper and has crashed on the bed and is only half on! LOL

Love him…so much…

Tomorrow, we will determine if this home is that right matched home meant for him. He needs patience, understanding, consistency, a home that will not Baby him yet will properly provide the quiet calm signals/words/touches he needs and then passively ignore. He is not to be man handled, he positive corrects beautifully. He is so special and such a big personality! An adolescent Giant who is still learning and needs his obedience. He is not for the faint of heart and he makes me laugh daily with his antics!! 

We shall update as we can tomorrow!

From all of us to our friends, family & friends….good night wishes being sent!

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AND we are on our way!

Road trip to Barrie, Ontario! This is for the home-visit for BHRR’s Gus’ potential approved adoption.

We shall update as we can!

I already miss my Bakers Dozen!  They are in excellent hands with Sean yet I still miss them….

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BHRR’s Gus, the 18 month old Neo is moving under a PENDING ADOPTION!

We shall update as we can!

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BHRR’s Gus! 
Available For Adoption!

He was at KAH tonight for his annual. He sure made his presence known that we were there! 

He is now almost 120 pounds of solid lean muscle mass. He is a power house of a boy with not one mean bone in his body. Exhuberant and not happy when dogs and people alike did not flock immediately to his side for him to be loved on. 

He still is a bit mouthy when he is asked to do something and he does not want to. We work through it and he resorts back to being an eager to please and demonstrating his excellent sit, lay down and stay plus gentle commands in manners. He still has moments where he will almost throw himself on the floor, swim a bit with his legs and be quite dramatic. When he realises that we are not going to entertain or cater to his wee bratty moments, he settles beautifully. Kudos to him for continuing to try and keep me on my toes here and there to see if he can wear me down. 

He was complimented on his really nice shiny healthy coat and received a thumbs up on his Vet visit. 

His anxiety in the car while greatly lessened is still somewhat present and I give him a smoked knuckle bone to chew on while we travel. Going home is always a breeze…The going out is what is hard on him. Gets into the car no issues and is happy to go for a ride yet once we are on the road longer than about ten minutes, you can still witness his anxiety levels and we give him a calming word and then passively ignore. He goes from then having periods of some whining to being happy to look out the windows or chomp on his knuckle bone. Good boy! Huge progress!

He had similar anxiety moments in the waiting room at KAH for all in close range to hear.  Being quiet to then whining and then settling well and then whining a bit again. He has his abandonment issues.

Thank you so much to one Vet for taking a few precious moments to love on him before BHRR’s Gus went into his apt. with another Vet. BHRR’s Gus soaked it all up and was so happy!

He loves attention – in his mind it should always be about him! – and he received lots of positive attention when he showed us proper displays of behaviour. More than one client at the Hospital wanted to visit with him and I only asked them to please wait until he was exhibiting the right behaviours and then they could love on him all they wanted.  So many kind people in the world so open and willing to help us set the dogs up for success and thank you to each and every one of these wonderful souls tonight!

We remain wanting to see BHRR’s Gus in an extremely experienced dog home. One that is not going to cater to his negative seeking behaviours and know how to properly handle his still sometimes mouthy behaviour with a positive balanced approach plus understand his SA moments and will be patient, understanding and effective with that plus his freight training leash manners that still crop up in distracted moments.

He was ‘babied’ in his past and that shows big time in how he works to manipulate a situation with his weight and mouth and in his SA moments.

He is such a nice boy. A mush and so affectionate and with the right continued directed guidance is going to keep reaching his full potential. Just a really amazing boy that is just a wee bit rough around the edges.  Aren’t we all in our own ways?! 

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BHRR’s Gus – ~18 month old Neo

BHRR’s Gus is ready to make his own special announcement! He is ready for adoption!

He can go to a home that works full time, part-time, works from home, is semi-retired etc. Another versatile BHRR dog.

He can go to a home that already has a right matched personality fit dog in it or as an only dog yet what he must have is a strong dog social network for he loves his friends! Doggie friends with help also with his emotional, mental and not just his physical stimulation.

He is an amazing boy! This stunning blue bomber boy needs a home with a sense of humour and lots of patience for he will make you laugh every day with his antics yet also needs consistency with his obedience. Plenty of fun to be had and needed during his training sessions and he is eager to please….himself first to try and get what he wants, then others next.  However, he has become much more balanced in that regard. ? He is a real huge ham and a character and needs a home that shall take the time to continue to build upon the strong foundation we have given him with his manners.

He can still be a freight train on the leash and a home that is going to use proper positive balanced training with an accredited facility is required per our mandatory obedience clause. He does not have a mean or bad bone in his body and we will not see a home approved for him that will become frustrated. No dog ever deserves to have someone that will not be dedicated to their wellbeing and remain patient and consistent and committed.

He sits, stays, lays down and is wonderful with all of his commands but he becomes distracted easily at times. He has learned a lot re: focus and self-control yet he is very much a young boy still and has had so much to learn and is still learning.

To him the world is full of so many wonderful discoveries…he is like a child at Xmas or a kid in a candy store…so curious….he makes me smile so much with the absolute pleasure he takes out of so many things! 

He is not ever to be man-handled. This was done in his past and that is not how any dog is ever to be handled. He was confused when he arrived, not knowing what he should or should not be doing and all he needed was someone to communicate with him in clear openly positive plus supportive ways. How unfortunate that someone would ever wish to hurt any dog out there…..

He is so proud of himself in listening once he understood what was/is being asked of him. He is a total teddy bear mushball boy.

He still can get mouthy yet not to be mean and he rarely does that now, yet, he can still forget himself and mouth to get attention…not hard but it happens. Lots of drool can be involved!

He is great with other dogs and people and is so excited to go places. He is a lot better about relaxing and chilling in the car. He is always just so thrilled to go places and experience things!

He is so loveable and people will want him because he is so handsome, yet he will only be approved to be adopted to a home that will do right by him with his obedience and give him structure, consistency, time and has loads of patience. Not to mention, giving him oodles of love!

To me, he is awesome….to many others, he would be way too much of a dog and that is fine. He is not meant for everyone.

He is a boy that you will know when he walks/lumbers into a room! A presence plus heart as big as the world! He greets every day with the biggest joy and happiness.

His is mischievous and so honest about what he wants and has become so much better in being patient.

He drools and boy, does he snore! 

He did have SA upon arrival and he has learned that his own company is ok. A calming word and/or touch and then passively ignoring any inappropriate displays of behaviour is important. In the wrong hands, this behaviour would resort right back to where he started from or worse.

He requires a large/giant breed dog experienced home. One that is not necessarily a Neo experienced home.

It is unknown how he is with cats.

He is fine to wash and to do nails. He is not a jumper.

He is cratetrained and has not yet proven himself 100% reliable unsupervised.

He is quiet and the only sounds he tends to make are when it is food time!

This boy is fabu!! Absolutely fantastic…..

Proud of all that you have accomplished BHRR’s Gus and you are going to make that right matched forever loving home the most incredible of family member additions. 

Thanks Liz again for the gorgeous photo’s! He is extremely photogenic!

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Stay Tuned!

BHRR’s Gus will be making his own special announcement shortly!

Thank you again Liz for the positively stunning photo’s of this goofy loveable blue bomber boy! He is an absolute hoot!!!

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BHRR’s Gus! The 18 month old Neo!
NOT Yet Available For Adoption!

Today he had his own professional photo shoot! He knocked it right out of the park!! His manners were amazing….sitting, laying down, staying and I cannot wait to see his photo’s from the truly talented Liz! He listened to Liz beautifully and not only Mason & I.

His leash manners are still a work in progress. He is like a freight train when he forgets himself. So much better than he was upon arrival though! Big difference yet he still needs a lot of work. Lots of consistency and patience and time. He loves his training sessions and even today he began showing off as he thought it was a fun game and moved between sit and lay down and putting his head down and standing and doing it all over again in various ways. He was so pleased with himself! He makes me smile….a lot! 

He is very praise motivated and so happy when he knows he has done a good thing. ? Treats are a huge hit too and we do not give him treats every time. It is completely random these days as to when he is given a goodie so it remains a truly special item.

He is such a handsome loveable ham! Friendly, happy, social and not at all pleased when people go by him and do not give him attention! A man went by on his bike and the back yard gate to the man’s home was nearby where we were having the photo shoot and BHRR’s Gus was really good at the beginning. He observed, was curious and as the man got closer, he became excited yet never broke his lay stay position – good boy! – and as the man walked behind Liz taking the pictures, his tail began in overdrive wag mode and then the whine started and when the man paused as he was going through his back gate, BHRR’s Gus realised it was not all about him and began to make some small barks. The man smiled at him and went into his yard.

He corrected well and we do not wish to see him rewarded for inappropriate attention seeking behaviours.

He is such a good boy. He really is. Just had been treated and spoiled as a ‘baby’ and never taught manners. He is still mouthy, not a mean bone in his body yet we continue to discourage that attention seeking behaviour also.

He did clearly have some SA behaviours when he arrived and still has a bit in the car or when we are out in public as he has a deep worry about being abandoned and left alone. He will do some crying and whining yet takes to a calming word/touch well and from there passively ignored. We continue to work on him liking and loving his own company and that he does not need his humans always around to amuse, stimulate and comfort him. He has been rocking this part of his rehab journey and will need an experienced home that will not cater to this behaviour or it will set him up for failure.

I am in the process of finding some play dates for him and I to visit people’s homes to hang and build up his confidence so that he learns that he will not be left behind when it is time to leave. He clearly was traumatised being left at the pound….from being sold to one home from another and then only a month after that put into a pound…poor boy.

If any of our approved BHRR Volunteers are open to a blue bomber tail wagging life loving Neo coming by for a small visit, please let me know! ?

He is crate trained and loves to go into his crate each night for bed and as Mason says ‘he is asleep before his body hits the bed’ 

The right matched personality fit forever loving home that is meant for him is going to have to accept that this boy snores….OMG! LOL We have been rescuing dogs for almost 29 years and have owned them for even longer and BHRR’s Gus has to be a top five snorer!! He is a champion snorer!

We are anticipating that within the next few weeks, he shall be ready to make his own special announcement!

He is such a solid boy….a real treat of a dog! Friendly, good with dogs and people and so social!

His big vice….drooling as one will see what my shoulder looks like in the photo’s I shall post in the thread. ?

Love this boy….he is incredibly full of huge heart and soul plus his personality is a hoot and a dream!

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These two beauties had their professional photo shoot today!

BHRR’s Gravel & BHRR’s Flyn. 

BHRR’s Gravel still needs a few pounds yet is doing awesome! So amazing. He came from a home with kids. While adults once terrified him and he felt threatened, he has loved children. He soaks up all the love given to him when Kinsley is here with her friends.

BHRR’s Flyn has had a really tough recovery from her mature spay last week and I almost thought we may have to forego her own photo taking today yet over the last 24 hours she is finally bouncing back. She was put on a new pain management regime and that seems to working for her. She remains such a mysterious girl and love it! AND Liz captured her fabu ears in full action!

Cannot wait to see the pics of them both and if all goes well within the next 10 days or so both could have their own special announcements to make!

On a side note, I know many have been waiting to read what we know shall be a thumbs up report of BHRR’s Ryder’s Vet visit.  Tonight, he was to have his own Vet visit yet that has been postponed and we do promise to update once he is seen for we are all excited to see what he weighs now – no longer an emaciated 48 pounds for sure!  AND we want to move not just on his neuter but to have his eye surgically addressed. He is a true love…..his coat improves daily and it is becoming so shiny and glossy as he sheds the old, dull, coarse, sun exposed, poor nutrition fur he once had.

AND the Saint pups, BHRR’s Cagney & BHRR’s Lacey are equally doing great in their emerge temp foster home. 

BHRR’s Gus the Neo is learning much needed manners, is a total ham of a character and is recovering well from a wasp sting to one side of his mouth. Puffed up his lip and flew to look like an adorable hippo on that side. Such a trooper and gosh, he is going to make a right matched forever loving home the best of additions! He is outstanding!

This truly handsome yet untrained bull in a China shop powerhouse arrived today!

Meet BHRR’s Gus, The Neo!

He is 16 months of age, and after he arrived at KAH today, he had an exam – he has a bit of a yeast infection along the sides of his face and under his chin, we did his Heartworm and tick borne disease testing too. He was already updated on his DAPP & Rabies vaccines(due September 6th, 2017) and was neutered in March plus was microchipped.

This is the Neo that was spoiled and treated as a ‘baby’ and it shows. He is used to ‘throwing his weight around’ and welcome to Gwennie’s Doggie boot camp manners 101 Gus!  He had been sold about two months ago and then ended up at a pound in Quebec.

He is super handsome, a small male Neo and temperament is confident with a small measure of nervousness mixed in yet stands solid in the face of change and uncertainty. Some anxiety in the car yet understandable.

So much potential and one can see the big suck that bubbles beneathe the surface! Both Margaret & Jan got to meet him today also.  The right place at the right time!

Welcome to BHRR BHRR’s Gus! I can tell that you and I are going to go for a bit of a wild ride and am so thrilled to do so with you! 

Thanks being shouted out again to all that made this rescue happen! 

PS: we are still desperate for two more approved Volunteers to help Saturday July 15th from 10:30 – 3:30 pm for dog loving and washing at Critter Jungle – 1405 Carling Avenue! Please please please consider helping us…..dogs like BHRR’s Gus thank you in advance!

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This is *Gus*
18 month old Male Neo

*Headed to our way the week of July 10th
*Was given away to a family 2 months ago and then dumped at a pound
*Lacks manners – was spoiled and treated like a ‘baby’
*Playful and excited with other dogs
*Outgoing disposition 
*Outgoing and affectionate with strangers
*Can be territorial


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