Someone had her professional groom yesterday!
Isn’t she gorgeous?!!! 
Miss Pentu! The 8-month-old Bernese/Standard PoodleX.
She is at the vet next week for her boosters, a re-weigh, a recheck of her skin, and her next flea/tick & de-wormer!
She is super sweet, loved by all who meet her & doing great!!
Thank you again to her amazing foster mama for being incredibly generous and paying for Miss Pentu’s groom.

Miss Pentu was at the Vet on February 27th.
She weighed 29.5 kgs(64.9 pounds).
She is an 8-month-old Bernese Mountain dog/Standard Poodle mix.
Her skin was given a beautiful thumbs up, and the recommendation was to have her now placed on some Omega’s. The severe skin infections are resolving; yay!!
She had a big thumbs up on her heart and lungs and an overall exam.
We did bloodwork to see what her prior exposure to heartworm and tickborne disease was, and the tests were negative, so great news!
She went home with additional dewormer yet for some reason her Lyme/Lepto vaccines were not done nor was she given a dose of preventative for fleas/ticks.
Sooooo, she came back to the vet hospital the next evening when I was working, and I administered the vaccines plus dispensed a dose for flea/tick prevention.
It was amazing to see her again, plus her amazing foster mama!
AND here is a picture sent from her foster mama after her February 27th Vet visit. 
She looks like she is smiling!
That is BHRR’s Simon in the back. ADOPTED June 13th, 2022. I have been told these two have a grand time together & Miss Pentu is playful and loves toys.
Miss Pentu is booked for her professional groom on March 14th, and her next vet visit is on March 21st for boosters, a re-weigh, plus a recheck of her skin. We will obtain her next dose for fleas/ticks and another de-wormer dose then too.
If all goes well, she will be ready for her professional photo shoot by the beginning of April, then make her special announcement not long after that!
So much was done for her while we had her in emergency temp foster care in SWO, and we remain immensely grateful to the shelter for asking us to assist her! 

According to Miss Pentu’s foster mama, she is already exploring!
I cannot wait to get her professionally groomed when she is ready so she can feel plus look her best. 
She was super popular on the long transport, and not hard to see why. Such a sweetheart!
Thanks to her wonderful foster mama for sharing this photo!

Got her!!
On my way to meet up with Janie in Kanata!
She is beyond lovely!!! Miss Pentu, it is a true pleasure to meet you finally!
Welcome to the BHRR family! 

AND Miss Pentu is on her way!
She is an 8-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog/Standard Poodle mix. She is said to be about 62 pounds and tomorrow we will get a re-weigh.
She began travelling super early this AM. I am being told she is a sweetheart! She is travelling with quite a few cats and a couple of very young pups & doing fantastic.
I will be meeting the volunteer transport early evening and then driving her to her fabulous foster mama, Janie!
I also want to thank one of my own Great Danes for donating one of her gently used collars and leashes to give to Miss Pentu. Every girl should feel/look beautiful!
I want to thank her soon-to-be foster Mama for extremely generously offering to pay for her food & buying her an XL Costco dog bed, plus offered to pay for her professional groom. Humbled!
The Beans are to be thanked, too, for donating some of their toys plus a bag of fish-based treats to Miss Pentu. We will figure out more toys & fish-based treats once payday comes.
Tomorrow, she is off to the Vet & as previously posted, we are going to use Mr. Bruce’s adoption fee to help go towards her, which are going to be extensive vet bills as she is rehabilitated.
Soon beautiful girl…..we will meet soon. We have been working on saving you since January….
Safe travel wishes are being sent to all!

Miss Pentu is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. She is a Bernese Mountain Dog/Standard PoodleX. This is not a purebred.

This is a picture from the shelter of her, and here is some information from her report. She was spayed at the end of January and has been in a foster home via the shelter until transport could be arranged to us.

“pulls a bit when walking but needs help to be more confident; she is shy. Fearful of loud noises, cars/trucks going past, other animals, and stairs. Happy, calm and relaxed riding loose in the car. Some pulling on walks but mostly fine – she is scared of strange people and dogs. Issues chewing things they shouldn’t; she meets another dog the first thing she does is hide. She normally cowers. more nervous if you’re standing vs. if you crouch.”

Once comfortable, she can be that excited, mouthy, jumpy puppy. So manners 101 will be implemented upon her arrival! We are told that she is a nice girl and sweet.

She is booked to see our Veterinary team on Monday, February 27th. She will get her DHPP booster, her first Lepto and Lyme vaccines, a re-weigh, placed on flea/tick preventative, obtain more de-wormer, have her skin checked, have a thorough exam, and have some bloodwork done.

She had her rabies, bordetella, and first DHPP plus was routinely de-wormed while in the shelter.

We are told that she presently weighs about 62 pounds, and we look forward to meeting her! Gwen will be picking her up from the volunteer transport, and dropping her off at her foster home in Kanata. Thank you again Janie for stepping up to foster this beautiful girl!




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She is extremely talented and more lovely than any words can ever be put down on paper and she has wonderfully surprised me with the very stunning and unique artful creation of an Irish Wolfhound, inspired by our Bunker Dude. She is calling it ‘Art For A Cause’.  

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The Wolfhound Cù Sìth

Pentu — is Finnish for puppy.

Thanks to the Finnish animal population control, an incredibly low number of dogs are in need of adoption. How wonderful! We can only hope to be the same one day.

Pentu is what we have named this newest addition, the first of 2023 that we are working on an ETA to BHRR – after February 7th. She is a 7-month-old Bernese/Standard Poodle cross puppy that has skin issues. She has been in no less than four homes since she was born.

We will update as we can!