This is a merle female Great Dane that we have named ‘Fate.’ She is 11 months of age, and her previous O. only had her for one week before dumping her at a shelter in Quebec. The owner’s reasons – she jumped on them and chewed on a couch. She lived with a cat without issues, and the shelter has said that she has been indifferent to all of the dogs that she has seen.

The shelter spayed her, yet due to lack of space, they reached out to our Great Dane rescue for assistance. This Dane had begun to become anxious in the shelter. Very understandable. The shelter also de-wormed her with Strongid, put her on Revolution, and gave her Bordetella and DHPP vaccine. We will ensure that she receives boosters plus her Lyme/Lepto vaccines too. We will also do bloodwork to be assured that she is tickborne disease plus heartworm negative and place her on flea/tick/hw preventative. We are confirming with the shelter that she has had her rabies vaccine. If not, we will have that done too.

She weighs: 47.9 kgs(105.38 pounds)

We are busting her out! Date TBD, and we remain grateful to Tracey for stepping up as her foster family. They have fostered several dogs for us over the years, including BHRR’s Rosie plus our Saint sisters of BHRR’s Cagney and BHRR’s Lacey.

She is the fourth dog that we have been able to assist in 2023.