BHRR’s Pentu
She is adoption #439 for BHRR.
Each and every time I have seen Miss Pentu, she has been healthier, stronger, more confident, more social, more affectionate, more goofy, more happy, and I am so proud of her & of her foster mama!
She has always been brilliant and quite balanced, yet she was sometimes unsure in new circumstances, and while she still has moments when she is not quite ready to charge in, she moves forward with minimal hesitation and is ready for adventure. 
Fostering is hard on our hearts and souls, yet the reward of seeing a dog being set up for success is a feeling like no other.
The immense gratitude and thanks I have fills my heart to the brim with all that her foster mama/BHRR’s Simon did for Miss Pentu – and for us. She was in excellent hands.
Miss Pentu, I am so excited for your future and cannot wait for all of the next beautiful chapters of your life to unfold!
To your foster mama – once again, you did a magnificent job with her!
The tears are bittersweet as always as another deserving dog is adopted – this time for a gorgeous 16-month-old Standard Poodle/Bernese Mountain DogX named Miss Pentu. She was our first intake of 2023 (February 26th) & the first foster for this home, and what a wonderful journey they have had together! 
Miss Pentu now has a cat sibling and chickens plus a human brother who still lives at home, not to mention two forever-loving adoptive adults to now call family.
From our home to all of our friends, family & supporters, the best of good night wishes are being sent.

Tonight is the night! 
The home visit to see if this is the right matched forever loving adoptive home for Miss Pentu.
She is our Standard Poodle/Bernese Mountain DogX.
Her foster home has been nothing short of incredible, and we have been filled with so much gratitude. 
We will update as we can….

Miss Pentu is moving under a PENDING ADOPTION!
We shall update as soon as we can.

Miss Pentu!
She had her most recent groom earlier this month!
Thank you to Morgan for always doing the best of grooms & to her wonderful foster mama for generously offering to donate the funds to pay for Miss Pentu’s groom.

How freakin’ adorable is this photo?!!!

Miss Pentu(Standard Poodle/BernerX) & BHRR’s Simon(ADOPTED June 13th, 2022)


She is heading for her next professional groom shortly & here is recent update from her wondering foster mama!

“Pentu is doing so good! She just loves meeting other dogs. She absolutely LOVES seeing her dog pals on our morning walk and gets to play with them in the park. She is such a happy girl and is not dominant at all while playing with other dogs. Her recall is excellent for a 1 year old! She responds 95% of the time (can you believe it?!). Her mouth playing has also subsided so much. She does not try and play with her mouth first anymore which is amazing. She travels well in the car and just loves to cuddle. Anyone who meets her whether it’s the groomer, friends, people at the park just cannot believe she has not been adopted and people always say, wherever her forever home is, would be incredibly lucky to have her. She is progressing as a normal, playful, happy puppy ?

BHRR’s Miss Pentu!
(Standard Poodle/Bernese Mountain Dog)
Freshly groomed! Her second professional groom with us.
Gosh, she is simply the best!
Thank you to her wonderful foster home for sharing these pics!

Miss Pentu went to visit her foster mom’s mom & she has a wonderful dog-friendly cat. 
What a lovely photo!
Miss Pentu will have her next professional groom shortly and remains AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!
Thank you to her incredible foster mama for all they do for Miss Pentu/us!



Standard Poodle/Bernese Mountain DogX

Health Status:

Age: ~9 months

Weight: ~75 pounds. Her last weight was March 24th, 2023, @ 66.88 pounds(30.4 kgs). We want to keep her lean/muscled and fit. Becoming fat is NOT in her or any dog’s best interest.

Some information from her wonderful foster mama:

“Pentu is social! She loves meeting new people and dogs and still always does the “deek between the legs” when she meets someone new or when someone comes into the house. She is playful and fun, loves playing with her toys, and is goofy and affectionate. She definitely loves her people and being close to them. She bonded really quickly and only got more affectionate. Will easily flop over on her back for a belly rub (from anyone that will give her one). When I sit on the couch at night, she will bring her toys and eggs me on to throw the toy so she can play.

She is a good walker. I put the Easy Walker harness on her, and she really thrives on it. I don’t think this is something that she will need for long, but it makes it much easier for me to walk two dogs at the same time I walk her and Simon together twice a day at a nice clip, so we are all getting exercise, and she does pretty good! The bunnies and birds on the ground are her new favourite distraction, and she will react in an excited way when she sees one of these little creatures.

She is very smart (when she wants to be, haha). She sits, stays, shakes a paw, responds to her name, and sometimes comes when called (a work in progress). We have been working on the name game where anytime she responds to her name, I give her a treat. She does take liberties in getting up on furniture, and I have to tell her OFF (she doesn’t always listen, and I have to go and remove her).

I think she is a wonderful family dog and is easily trained. She shows no signs of any type of aggression or anxiety. I think a family doesn’t need to have previous dog experience but, like your other requests, is committed to working on her training and obedience. She will make a family very happy indeed!!!

Here are a few highlights:
– Good with kids
– Good with other dogs
– Unknown about cats
– Good in cars
– Very playful and active, loves her toys (needs stimulation) and good exercise (I currently walk her twice a day)
– House and crate trained: she has not had one accident in the house! And I do put her in the crate when I go out…not that I think she would pee/poop in the house or destroy anything, more because she would get herself worked up and bark the whole time I was gone. She doesn’t hang out in her crate but has no problem going in there when asked. AND is a really good girl.”

Type of Home Ideal For Miss Pentu:
She is such a versatile girl – she is playful, gentle, loves her friends, walks, is calm when properly mentally plus physically stimulated, and is active. She is not a medium-maintenance personality dog – she is brilliant, and needs a solid structure. She interacts well with people/dogs she meets, and we hope for a quiet, socially low-active level home. A residence that, while visiting family plus friends and having people over, does not host frequent BBQs or gatherings of large groups. We do not want to see her in a home with a high level of travel, with other people taking care of her. She is loyal and loves her people, and we want her to be part of the family if they go camping, go to the cottage, or do other fun travels. She is social and needs a home that is like her. One that shall not overwhelm her. She would adore cottage life or hang out at home with her family. Visiting friends, family, pet stores, and pet-friendly places is excellent too. We want a quietly active home for Miss. Pentu. She is intelligent, healthy, and such a precious girl!” 


She MUST go to a home that will continue to work on exposing her to new, fun, and beautiful things in the world. Time, patience, and effort have gone into having her be comfortable in her skin, to not only like yet love her own company. We are not advocates of dog parks. Many private properties rent out space for acreage rentals so that he can enjoy a controlled environment to run and zoom in. We want her to look forward to the next adventures plus experiences. She needs a home that will give her new positive and great safe, memorable experiences. If you are a home that likes to take infrequent walks/hikes/strolls, Mr. Pentu is not for you…she is a healthy dog and needs to be kept emotionally and physically stimulated. She would make a great companion to get out into nature, explore, and enjoy the beach and other exciting adventures! She is also a great companion when watching movies or curled up with a good book. A home that understands and shall continue to help her learn about this big fantastic world that we live in. We want her to live a quality-filled, enriched life. She is being fostered in a lovely home in the Ottawa area yet can equally live comfortably in the city or country.

We want her to be happy and to live her best life every day. We want her to reach her full incredible potential! She is another versatile BHRR dog! She can be in a home that works ft; pt works from home, is semi-retired or retired, etc. She will ONLY go to a home prepared to ensure she receives the balance he requires with proper exercise, socialisation, etc. She does not need to go to a dog, nor a Standard Poodle or Bernese Mountain Dog-specific experienced home.

The home must be committed to her obedience, structure, and consistency, and to be patient, kind, and understanding, and while not hermits, they are not doing a hundred things each day or weekly, or monthly. We want her to be treated as a beloved member in a right-matched forever-loving home. We want her to be an invaluable member of her forever-loving adoptive home! She can be shy in new situations, requiring the right positive balance between patience, ‘tough’ love, calming assuring, and passively ignoring. She has been taught to share and that no human or dog will take her high-value food. She is fed in a quiet place and knows that she will be fed enough food on time and that no one will take her away.

She loves home and her friends.

Personality/Temperament: Super loving, affectionate, calm, happy sweet; she loves to get outside to romp and run and is a delightful, playful pup! She needs to be emotionally/physically properly stimulated, social, active, gentle, plus kind. She thrives with consistency, structure, routine, and clear open communication to understand precisely what is expected of her. She is an active healthy puppy!

Previous Dog Experience: Previous Dog experience is not required per the above, and she needs a home that is going to be committed to her wellbeing and make the small adjustments required as she is still a puppy, still learning, and still mentally plus physically growing. She sleeps well, and ideally like to see her in a home with at least one right-matched personality-fit dog. She needs a strong doggie friend network in the community though. That is so important. We have friends; she needs friends too. She has enjoyed meeting new canine friends.

Good With Cats: Unknown. Integration is key! She has been fine with the veterinary clinic cat at my work, yet Miss Pearl is not really a cat!

Good with Pocket Pets: Unknown

Good with Children: We feel that any right-matched personality fit home for Miss Pentu, should they have children, said children – no more than two in the house, should be over 12. So, we will consider homes that have older children for Miss Pentu

Grooming: She needs regular grooming to keep her coat healthy and look her best. Regular grooming includes nails and ears. We have also had her professionally groomed during her time in rescue.

Car: She travels well in the car.

Housebroken/crate Trained: She is housebroken and crate trained. We never recommend giving any new addition too much freedom to start. It can be very overwhelming plus too stimulating for them.

Obedience: She requires a home that will be consistent and dedicated to continuing to help her become the best dog she can be. Her potential is enormous! As per our adoption contract, a full round of group obedience is required with all of our dogs. This is not about having a dog that ‘listens.’ This is about creating a strong and mutually respectful bonding relationship. Trust and respect work both ways.

Activities Suited For Her: She would excel in obedience work. Great companion at home, a great companion for camping, cottaging, hikes, and exploring new things! She is a doll.

Loves & Bad Habits:
Like any dog, she is not perfect. She is perfect in all of her imperfections, though! NOT to mention gorgeous. She still shows some reluctance going into the Vet Hospital, and on the scale. We strongly recommend that right matched personality fit home for them to take trips to the Vets just to visit. Get treats, and some loving without any examinations, pokes or prods!Per her foster home: “Since she is a playful puppy, she plays with her mouth, and her sharp little teeth can hurt.

Barks – she does like her barking! With the big picture window and glass door, it is a recipe for barking. I do think she can be trained to use her voice more appropriately but will take some love and effort. When I can tell she is so fired up, a small time out (she is not in trouble tho) in her crate helps her relax.”

She is a fantastic dog! She is accepting and tolerant of so much! So low-medium maintenance!

Anxieties/Worries: It is integral that the right-matched personality fit home and does not spend 24/7 with her. During this pandemic and even before it, we still need groceries; we should still go out and do errands; we should still get in our cars and go for a small drive to go somewhere to do something! Time has been spent having her learn to not only like yet enjoy her own company. As we need our alone time, she must do too. She is a solid and stable dog; we do not want any SA behaviours to develop.

As we have stated for over 27 years now, we will NEVER rush any dogs’ rehabilitation journey, we do not flip dogs, and we are not desperate to adopt them out.

We will always place up for adoption the dogs that can be adopted and safe haven all others that cannot be placed up for adoption due to medical and/or behavioural reasons.

We do not take in hundreds of dogs yearly; we only took in 18 dogs in 2022 as it is about helping the next in need of us, giving them top-quality care, and not about taking in numbers. In 2023, we have ONLY taken in 1 dog to date.

After 27+ years, we know that we cannot please everyone, which means that BHRR is not the rescue to be followed, supported, and believed in by everyone. We remain small plus mighty, and as we go through this next transitional stage for BHRR, we shall continue to operate with a zero-tolerance approach, providing and beyond care to the animals.

Our mandates have never changed and will remain the same as long as we are around; the animals shall always be done right by as our priority.

Our adoption success rates remain second to no other group – 100% for over ten years of operating, and now 99% as we go through year 27, and we are excited as we go through this slow transition for BHRR!

You have done a THUMBS up job, Miss Pentu, and we are thrilled you are making your special announcement!

There are simply no words!!

Yes, Miss Pentu’s fabulous foster home respects the ‘no couch’ rule – and this is a rare exception.

Miss Pentu is such a hoot!!

Fantastic photo!!! It made my day!!

Miss Pentu – 8-month-old Berner/Standard PoodleX

Candid photo – totally hilarious! – from her professional photo shoot on March 27th.

She will make her own special announcement shortly.

Thank you again to her wonderful foster mama and to Liz for everything!


Miss Pentu had her professional photos today!

Once they are received, she will then make her own special announcement.

So exciting! 

Thank you to her incredible foster Mama and Liz!





Miss Pentu (Berner/Standard PoodleX) was at the Vet on March 21st for her re-weigh – 30.4 kgs(66.88 pounds).
She had her boosters, dispensed some eye meds for her eyes – a bit red, and given her next flea/tick/hw & de-worming meds. Her skin looks a bit dry – some dander – yet, overall is looking fantastic!
Night and day since she was first rescued.
She is on omega’s.
AND she was to have her professional photo session on the 23rd, yet the rain had a different idea.
Her photo shoot has been rescheduled to March 27. Thanks, Liz & Janie!
Shortly after that, she should be ready to make her own special announcement!

Someone had her professional groom yesterday!
Isn’t she gorgeous?!!! 
Miss Pentu! The 8-month-old Bernese/Standard PoodleX.
She is at the vet next week for her boosters, a re-weigh, a recheck of her skin, and her next flea/tick & de-wormer!
She is super sweet, loved by all who meet her & doing great!!
Thank you again to her amazing foster mama for being incredibly generous and paying for Miss Pentu’s groom.

Miss Pentu was at the Vet on February 27th.
She weighed 29.5 kgs(64.9 pounds).
She is an 8-month-old Bernese Mountain dog/Standard Poodle mix.
Her skin was given a beautiful thumbs up, and the recommendation was to have her now placed on some Omega’s. The severe skin infections are resolving; yay!!
She had a big thumbs up on her heart and lungs and an overall exam.
We did bloodwork to see what her prior exposure to heartworm and tickborne disease was, and the tests were negative, so great news!
She went home with additional dewormer yet for some reason her Lyme/Lepto vaccines were not done nor was she given a dose of preventative for fleas/ticks.
Sooooo, she came back to the vet hospital the next evening when I was working, and I administered the vaccines plus dispensed a dose for flea/tick prevention.
It was amazing to see her again, plus her amazing foster mama!
AND here is a picture sent from her foster mama after her February 27th Vet visit. 
She looks like she is smiling!
That is BHRR’s Simon in the back. ADOPTED June 13th, 2022. I have been told these two have a grand time together & Miss Pentu is playful and loves toys.
Miss Pentu is booked for her professional groom on March 14th, and her next vet visit is on March 21st for boosters, a re-weigh, plus a recheck of her skin. We will obtain her next dose for fleas/ticks and another de-wormer dose then too.
If all goes well, she will be ready for her professional photo shoot by the beginning of April, then make her special announcement not long after that!
So much was done for her while we had her in emergency temp foster care in SWO, and we remain immensely grateful to the shelter for asking us to assist her! 

According to Miss Pentu’s foster mama, she is already exploring!
I cannot wait to get her professionally groomed when she is ready so she can feel plus look her best. 
She was super popular on the long transport, and not hard to see why. Such a sweetheart!
Thanks to her wonderful foster mama for sharing this photo!

Got her!!
On my way to meet up with Janie in Kanata!
She is beyond lovely!!! Miss Pentu, it is a true pleasure to meet you finally!
Welcome to the BHRR family! 

AND Miss Pentu is on her way!
She is an 8-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog/Standard Poodle mix. She is said to be about 62 pounds and tomorrow we will get a re-weigh.
She began travelling super early this AM. I am being told she is a sweetheart! She is travelling with quite a few cats and a couple of very young pups & doing fantastic.
I will be meeting the volunteer transport early evening and then driving her to her fabulous foster mama, Janie!
I also want to thank one of my own Great Danes for donating one of her gently used collars and leashes to give to Miss Pentu. Every girl should feel/look beautiful!
I want to thank her soon-to-be foster Mama for extremely generously offering to pay for her food & buying her an XL Costco dog bed, plus offered to pay for her professional groom. Humbled!
The Beans are to be thanked, too, for donating some of their toys plus a bag of fish-based treats to Miss Pentu. We will figure out more toys & fish-based treats once payday comes.
Tomorrow, she is off to the Vet & as previously posted, we are going to use Mr. Bruce’s adoption fee to help go towards her, which are going to be extensive vet bills as she is rehabilitated.
Soon beautiful girl…..we will meet soon. We have been working on saving you since January….
Safe travel wishes are being sent to all!

Miss Pentu is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. She is a Bernese Mountain Dog/Standard PoodleX. This is not a purebred.

This is a picture from the shelter of her, and here is some information from her report. She was spayed at the end of January and has been in a foster home via the shelter until transport could be arranged to us.

“pulls a bit when walking but needs help to be more confident; she is shy. Fearful of loud noises, cars/trucks going past, other animals, and stairs. Happy, calm and relaxed riding loose in the car. Some pulling on walks but mostly fine – she is scared of strange people and dogs. Issues chewing things they shouldn’t; she meets another dog the first thing she does is hide. She normally cowers. more nervous if you’re standing vs. if you crouch.”

Once comfortable, she can be that excited, mouthy, jumpy puppy. So manners 101 will be implemented upon her arrival! We are told that she is a nice girl and sweet.

She is booked to see our Veterinary team on Monday, February 27th. She will get her DHPP booster, her first Lepto and Lyme vaccines, a re-weigh, placed on flea/tick preventative, obtain more de-wormer, have her skin checked, have a thorough exam, and have some bloodwork done.

She had her rabies, bordetella, and first DHPP plus was routinely de-wormed while in the shelter.

We are told that she presently weighs about 62 pounds, and we look forward to meeting her! Gwen will be picking her up from the volunteer transport, and dropping her off at her foster home in Kanata. Thank you again Janie for stepping up to foster this beautiful girl!


Pentu — is Finnish for puppy.

Thanks to the Finnish animal population control, an incredibly low number of dogs are in need of adoption. How wonderful! We can only hope to be the same one day.

Pentu is what we have named this newest addition, the first of 2023 that we are working on an ETA to BHRR – after February 7th. She is a 7-month-old Bernese/Standard Poodle cross puppy that has skin issues. She has been in no less than four homes since she was born.

We will update as we can!