BHRR's Atlas made a new friend to add to his 'circle of success'! Windsor, our newfx!!! WTG BHRR's Atlas!!

That is the great news.

The not so good news is that I am bringing him in again as his UTI is not better yet worse and he is having terrible incontinence, the poor sweetie. 🙁 I do not mind doing laundry yet he feels embarrassed when he gets up from laying down and has had an accident.

So, perhaps stronger antibiotics and I will bring in another sample of urine to be tested and when we are at the Hospital; we can do a urine sample by cysto collection if need be.

A bit worried about this sweet boy. We have also upped his food for he has been dropping weight yet is for the most part right now; eating fairly well still. Drinking is not abnormal, no fever and his energy level appears just slightly off normal from when he is usually active. He does nap a bit more; yet; the weather is warmer and we often find the Saints and Newfs; not as active; especially in the day time hours. They like to hot the a/c vents or fans!

I am just going to feel better to have him checked over again and to re-run some tests and perhaps some bw too if needed.

I am going to hold off with any more alternative treatments of CWW, acupuncture etc. until we get on top of this for him.

Will post an update as I can.

AND I have I mentioned lately, JUST HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS BOY! 😉 HE is the moon, stars and sun! JUST WOW!