Dana is now at my house. The temp foster home did not feel comfortable/equipped to deal with what she believes is Dana’s stress and/or anxiety levels and so she is now with us. I cannot thank this person enough for all that she has done in helping us pull and save this Dane and another HUGE public thanks being sent her way. In my estimation, Dana is about 8 months old at maximum, has never had a heat nor has had a litter. I will see what the Vet thinks when I bring her. I have given her Sentinel and have begun to de-worm her. Emaciated is putting it very mildly with this Dane. She is in terrible shape and her tail is a mess. It looks like she has several old breaks that have healed and several bald/callused and even raw spots where she has been rubbing/bumping on something(small crate or kennel at one point in her life perhaps). Both of her eyes are running and though I had an appointment booked for next week as she was to come in on Saturday; I am bringing her in today for 4:30 PM. I want to do a HWT test, Fecal etc. as per my below blog post for her too. She is eating well, is not housebroken at this time, has no leash manners, counter surfs, has no clue about her new name or manners, is very flat footed, very eastie westie, terrible looking knees, major happy tail wagging(especially in her crate); a HUGE houdini when it has come to her crate and we now have four clasps on it AND is not a happy camper in her crate. She gave us 2.5 hours of sleep last night before the wailing began at a new level of intensity and the ‘tough’ love has started. I am feeding her in her crate(last night she ate extremely fast and was really smart and first took out the large object I had put into her bowl to ‘slow’ her down yet this AM, she ate more slowly) and I have given her a couple very bland treats to get her to go into her crate to ‘work’ on her willingness to do so. She has a gorgeous head and face and the softest ears I have felt since Miss Gracie was with us. She is a tiny wee thing at this time and though I will take pictures, they will not do her justice on the inhumane treatment she has received for having a black coat; the pictures will not truly show how skinny she is. She has no fear about taking stairs and we are on our toes to keep her out of things. She is integrated with most of the dogs here and really has not shown much of an interest; Tain really ‘took’ to her yet she is more interested in exploring and trying to find food. Shiva, Porridge, Guinness, Kona, Cherokee, Hamilton The Newf(surprisingly enough, he was very respectful of this one….LOL…he must be tired of playing…normally, he is right in there bouncing and hopping and being a true goober!)PPSS and Abbi have all been integrated with her. I was never worried about how well she would fit in from all that I have heard, yet she is not really ‘social’ with other animals(her main focus is to be around humans and we do not desire to see her develop any resourcing over people or food/treats)and it is clear that she has no true social or communication skills with other dogs. She is just ‘existing’ with them right now….neither here or there with them. She LOVES LOVES LOVES people. Her paperwork indicated that she is nervous of men yet she has been fine with Sean and I heard also ok with her temp foster mom’s bf and I will see how she fares out and about today at the Vets. She came with a really pretty collar and a small dog coat and THANK you to the person who gave her these very personal and much needed items. She has no fat at all and she is very sensitive to the cold. I will update her blog as I learn more about her and about her Vet visit. She is eating and drinking well yet almost immediately after eating and drinking; she has to go out and pee and poop. Her stools while soft are well formed and yet the smell literally makes Sean gag, the poor man. My first impression of her is one of intelligence, sweet yet dom and ‘edgy’. She is a stubborn one and determined and those things have made her a survivor for she is just ‘skin’ and bones and amazing that she is doing as well as she is AND according to the records; she has put on quite a bit of weight, so to think of how she looked when she was first picked up as a stray is heartbreaking. 😥 I can tell she is going to provide me with many challenges and it is going to be a great journey we shall take towards her rehab. She is personality, this one! 😀