Here is the VIDEO of BHRR's Kyo with Katie & Devon at Earl of March HS last Monday! Tail wagging and trusting and such a LOVE BUG!

His Vet appointment is set for this Wednesday April 4th.

He has been fully integrated with ALL dogs except BHRR's Riley, BHRR's Atlas & BHRR's Rambo & a couple of my own as they are away at dogs shows. HE has proven to be a very playful, youthful and quite energetic GD outside and a model gentleman inside…sooooooooooooooo freakin' sweet!

It has taken a week yet; he has now been coming back to me when called when we are outside. I think from having been boarded for over 6 weeks; he was worried that he was going to be crated and caged and that is not the case here.

I AM LOVING this boy!!! SUPERB dog!

If he is 6 years of age; I am totally knocked over. His body condition, energy level and overall everything; speaks so much younger; but he is what he is and WOW! IS he ever going to make a home that WOW dog!!! Such an easy keeper.