H. Cowell, Kingston, ON

Dear Gwendilin,


First off, I would just like to say thank you. As I read through your website, and blog last night, I was completely stunned and brought to tears about the conditions many of these dogs have gone through. However, BHRR has renewed my faith in people. It is very obvious and apparent that you give so much time, and love to these dogs, and that is the most beautiful thing. Gwendilin, as I read through your blog & updates of the dogs, and watched your videos (which were very well done) I felt somewhat of a kinship with you. I completely understand your love for these dogs, and how you are able to continuously work to help them. My mother loves animals (she always says she can "talk dog") and this trait, I think, has been passed down to be, and only heightened. I cannot pass a dog on the street without wanting to pet it, and I have to constantly remind myself that I am a student, and cannot currently provide everything a rescue dog needs (mostly being, that I cannot say what I will be doing come May 2013). I am constantly reading the Humane Society's website for shelters across Canada. I began volunteering at the Kingston Humane Society in order to help do something to make their dogs (and cats) time at the shelter a little bit better. When I hear you write about the different dogs, I can just hear your love for each and everyone.

Last night when I read on your website (under the REALITY) section about one dog that was dipped in acid, I just couldn't stand it, and decided I needed to do something. I couldn't get that image out of  my mind for quite some time. This image was replaced my Shamrock. But then I tried to force myself to think about Journey, and the video you posted, but also about all of the success stories – just on your website.




Hannah Cowell