I am adding two photos of BHRR's Dana's December 24th; annual XMAS EVE photo session at BHRR!

DOESN'T she look just incredible?

She had an excellent time at the hv she assisted with me on February 7th, 2012. She was her very social, energetic  happy self with that quick smart mind of hers thinking and thinking some more! It did not take her long to figure out how to open the lid of their garbage to see just what might be in there! LOL

This dog MORE than any other; I would trust 100% around dogs of all ages plus sizes including puppies, humans of all ages plus sizes inluding infants. SHE is that spectacular!

You just have to continue to be 'on' her to 'share' her humans for she loves with her whole body(many can attest to that happy tail whip!). I just say 'SHARE Dana…BE nice Dana…' and she goes 'oh, yeah…ok'! NOT a mean bone in her body, yet many mischievous ones!

She is going to roadtrip with me later this week to do a hv; her second one that she has assisted me with in the past three weeks or so; and last night; I did her nails and today is bath time!

BHRR's Dana – December 24th, 2011