THANK you Montreal Dog Bog for your 'A Christmas Eve Wish' post for BHRR's Journey!

Update: Friday December 23rd, 5:04 AM:

"5 AM December 23rd – She just ate a wee bit more for me, was not interested in drinking. I am going to lay down for a couple of hours and see how things are going for her then."

Update: Friday December 23rd, 9:14 AM:

"9:00 AM She ate a bit more for me; was once again not interested in water and has not peed/pooped since all the undigested kibble given to her from her guardian 401 angel shot right out of her.
She is snuggled under lots of towels and blankets from the dryer and is holding her own. The Vet said that if we can get her through the next 72 hours, she has a great shot.
Like all of our special situations; we are taking it just a couple of hours at a time. Small goals and steps.
Back at the Hospital; this time KAH for 6:30 pm tonight.
As I posted in her blog; she has spirit and is a fighter. She is terrified more if she feels cornered; so careful around her crate but when you open the door; she will wag her tail slightly(her tail has been broken in at least one spot at one point) and will not bark or growl.
Sean sets her off badly and so; I am taking exclusive care of her.
With all the snow that came down last night; I am so happy she is inside where it is warm and friendly and safe.
Thanks for all the 'Santa Elves' for what they are doing for her and the angels that have already donated to her cause at Kanata Animal Hospital or via PayPal or Email Transfer. With how close it is to XMAS; the giving of items and $ and sparing so many well wishes her way; is going to save her life!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!
Will update later…time to tend to the horses! 🙂

Update Saturday December 24th 1:11 PM:

"The hearts of so many have come together in the efforts to help Journey and thank you!!! Each one of you!!! I am anxious to get home to her. She is still not drinking and so, will be running a line when I get back to see if we can get her to keep pushing forward.
Keep up the great vibes!! Her digestive system is beginning to work for while it is diarrhoea at least the food is mobile. Bad news is that the diarrhoea dehydrated her further….
We have changed our plans over the few days so I can be with her round the clock.
Will keep the updates coming as I can but I can say the more info. has come my way re: this Dane and if we can verify the validity; I am gping after those responsible. Thar it my promise to Journey….

Update Saturday December 24th, 2:03 PM:

"Sean called!!! We had a pee!!! Wahooooo! Her first one!!! We hav continued to try and get her to pee and yay!!!She must have known I was coming home to run a line!!! :)-
Sean say she had a tiny bit to drink; so will continue to try corn syrup and pedialyte."

Update December 26th, 1:12 AM:

"From our home/BHRR; we wish each of you a most wonderful and delightful of holiday seasons!!! Per the tradition at BHRR; we take photos in front of our tree with the doggies and sadly; this year; we did not get all done due to battery woes. 🙁 We shall post what we have soon and thanks to YOU and you amazing hearts; our 9th ANNUAL SS to the BHRR was a roaring success!!! Our best year to date!!! also so thrilled to say that BHRR's Journey had her second pee today!!! AND; she has had two bm's that look more and more formed! The bad news is that there is a rasp to her lungs… 🙁 Two Vets were unable to properly exam her when she first arrived – Thursday night and then when I brought her to my Hospital Friday as she was quite skittish and terrified – yet no discernible abnormal breath sounds were noted during those two visits ( mostly by men). BUT I can get near her and do more and more with her and Sean can too…and the worry is pneumonia. Thanks to a special Guest; thanks Dr. F; we now have her also on Doxy. When I noted that her temp began to spike and that there was a bit of a rasp to her breathing, I took out my stethoscope and as Dr. F was dropping by with some more 4 x 4's and gauze for me as I was running out; she was so kind as to listen and give her professional opinion too. Though, no X-rays were done; it is her professional opinion that yes, she is at the beginning stages of battling pneumonia. We will keep her on treatment and monitor.
Your well wishes; donations and caring for her is giving her the best chance possible!!! I nor Journey cannot thank you enough!!
More soon; yet; with her now resting; I; am going to lay my own head down for a wee bit!
Will update as I can and if anyone has any winter booties; we can purchase or borrow; let me know!!! Her Bills are now close to $3,000 BUT your angel hearts have seen $1,005 donated to date!!
Sean and I are counting each of you as Journey's blessings!!! She is soooooo sweet and we are fighting for her with your continued help!!!
Thank you!!!

Journey's 'SANTA ELF' Wish List update:
Ester C
Another one or two dog beds – Costco ones work FAB!
Doggie sweaters for inside the house and to lend her more cushion between her bones/wounds and the dog beds/blankets
Doggie booties
Paper towels
Blankets/Sleeping Bags/Duvets/Comforters
She really needs $$$ donations to her Vet Bills – We are almost $3,000 and rising. You can call Kanata Animal Hospital directly at (613) 836-2848 or via PayPal or via email transfer to
Laundry Detergent – we are doing 4 loads for her daily right now
**For those asking about treats – she can only have very easy on the tummy ones – I have been making rice treaties for her**

If you want to be a Special Santa Help Elf to BHRR's Journey:

IF anyone wishes to donate to be a BHRR's Journey's Santa Elf '; you can donate direct to Kanata Animal Hospital:

(613) 836-2848 under the 'Birch Haven Rescue' account and under the name of  'Journey' and they will take Visa, M/C or AMEX over the phone.

OR via PayPal –

OR email transfer to

OR Cash in person at Kanata Animal Hospital 440 Hazeldean Road

I know that I have said this before and I shall say it again; I am not above or below begging and pleading for the animals in need. AND I am doing so now, so close to XMAS; yet I am asking on my knees if need be; for people to consider donating to her vast medical bills.

ALL I can give you in turn at this time; is my deepest and most heartfelt and sincerest of thanks along with those of BHRR's Journey; for she would have died out there; and soon. Be it from a car hitting her; starvation or her wounds or a coyote attack or even from some person shooting her; she would have died and it would not have been long before it happened. There is nothing to her body right now….absolutely nothing but skin and bones. There is not even a lot of hair.

BHRR's Journey's Angels:             $1,435 Donated to date                Vet Bills $2,998.73 and rising

Ginnete – Critter Jungle
Karen – PayPal took $3.35 in fees
Erin – PayPal took $6.10 in fees
Audrey – PayPal took $0.74 in fees
Brigitte – PayPal took $0.88 in fees